Friday, February 17, 2006

After Weeks Of Simmering MSU Fans Ready to Put Their Tongues to Work

Tomorrow night MSU fans will finally get the chance to yell things at Brent Petway after two weeks of simmering. Since the Michigan game Grad level theses have been handed in on the different ways to insult the UM junior, no one has gone to class (though I'm sure that's unrelated), and someone at the law school is working on getting Petway indicted for the Kennedy assassination. On the lesser end of the spectrum, some of them even found Petway's IM account and have been IM'ing him nasty messages. "They've been sending a lot of swearing (messages)," Petway told Dave Dye and Jim Spadafore at the Detroit News. No word if Michigan has contacted the Dee Web Protection Service for security at the game.

All this because Maurice Ager tried to run through Petway after a dunk, apparently forgetting that his forehead is made out of balsa wood. (At right: A stunned Mo Ager ponders if Brent Petway's cheekbone is made out of concrete.)

Ager goes out, Michigan wins, The Izzone calls for a boycott of reading, writing, and all things Michigan, images of Petway are burned in effigy, the streets of Lansing run red with the blood of the infidel, etc... Well, only the first four of those are true... creative license being what it is....

Meanwhile, Michigan State has been in somewhat of a recent funk. Despite winning three in a row after their loss to Michigan, they've dropped their last two to Minnesota and Iowa scoring only only 54 points in both games. Mo "The Crystal Forehead" Ager has been in a bit of a shooting slump the last few games, and Michigan State's offense has suffered as a result. Michigan was running cold as well until Wednesday night when it topped Minnesota.

For Michigan its simple, you have to keep winning to make the Dance. For Michigan State, its pride. Barring a total collapse, MSU punched its ticket to the tourney before the season began. Over the last 14 games MSU has owned Michigan, going 12 and 2 against the Maize and Blue (this includes Michigan's most recent victory). However, Michigan State's bench, unlike in the past is somewhat suspect, and State has not been playing particularly well over the last week. They also have to deal with a Michigan team that is confident (again), getting healthy (Harris and Smith will play tonight), fighting for its tournament life, and dying to convince the world its January 25 victory was no fluke.

The nay sayers have spoken. It is a tough task, but if Michigan plays with the intensity that it showed against Minnesota they can walk out of East Lansing with a win. Further, if Michigan State and their fans are more focused on getting even with Petway than playing the game, advantage Michigan.

Petway will bring earplugs. Michigan State fans will misspell Petway's name on their signs. And win or lose, a car will be set on fire in East Lansing.


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