Thursday, February 23, 2006

All's quiet...

Strange. A day without any real Michigan related news. Honestly, there's not a whole lot of news out there in general. Even the boys at EDSBS are hurtin. Hell, even Brian's on vacation. Unfortunately, rather than being on an island south of Tahiti, I've been stuck in court all day so posting time is limited.

There is of course some news out there, so allow me to share it with you:

Drew Henson is set to take a "3 Month Vacation".
Apparently Jerry Jones hasn't given up on former Michigan quarterback (and guy who kept Tom Brady out of the spotlight) Drew Henson the same way the Yankees did. To prove it, Jones is wasting good money to send Henson to play for the Rhine Fire of NFL Europe for the summer. However, I'm not sure this is the reaction Jones had in mind from Henson after Drew spent last year on the pine:
"I heard that it was probably the prettiest city out of all the other teams in our league. I heard about downtown, the restaurants and the shops. ... So it'll be a great three-month vacation. I'm going to like hanging out with my girlfriend to just live life."

Never mind that multi-million dollar contract the Cowboys signed you to, you just go live life. While Henson never learned how to hit a curveball, he seems to have learned how to throw one. Gotta love the fact that Drew is "just livin' life" off of two of the most notorious owners in professional sports. Maybe he did learn something at Michigan after all. We'll see how Jones reacts. BTW, take a look at the photo in the Free Press article linked above. Scary....

More soon....

Ohio State preview up tomorrow


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