Friday, February 24, 2006

Award Winning Edition of Maize n Brew

Abram Still Out, Taking Up Comedy to Pass Time

According to the Ann Arbor News, Lester Abram's ankle is still made out of cardboard. Apparently the ankle sprain he suffered in the Minnesota game back in January was some sort of side ankle sprain that is taking forever to heal. Having snapped an ankle myself (broke clean thru), I know just how bad rehabbing an angry ankle is, so I wish him luck. No timetable is set for his return, but it looks more and more like we'll see him in the Big Ten tournament rather than by the Ohio State or Indiana game.

Despite the fact that he's still haing trouble walking, he isn't having trouble keeping his sense of humor. When asked if he was upset or angry about his condition he responded:

"Yeah, it's frustrating,'' Abram said, then smiled. "I'm not going to cry about it. Do you want me to cry about it?''
Awesome. Not quite Jason Avant's "Nick Mangold Sucks. But he's up next" from his ESPN interview, but still awesome.

Speaking of the Hobbled

The Michigan Daily has a nice piece on Dion Harris's return to play against Ohio State. During the game against Illinois you could tell Harris still didn't have the push he wanted off his ankle. Hopefully an extra couple of days will have helped that. In case you forgot just how good he was playing against osu, Johnny's run-down of the game should remind you. If Harris is full strength, our backcourt of Horton, Harris, and Smith should be enough to counter osu's.

I May Be Just an Unfrozen Caveman...

Despite the near glacial speed of Lloyd's decision making in clearing out his coordinator's this year, Carr is touting the coordinator changes he made as proof he's capable of change. (at right: Lloyd calling plays during the Minnesota game.)

He said this while wearing the same pants he's had on for the past four weeks. When asked if he would change his pants anytime soon, Carr said he was considering many options in his own closet, JC Penny, Sears, and perhaps, maybe Nordstroms. Off the record he told reporters he was afraid his pants would disintegrate if they weren't immediately near him. He stated he would wear them until he knew for sure they wouldn't unravel once they came off. He also told reporters he would possibly wear them again despite how wornout they may be if he didn't like his new pants.

After telling reporters he was frightened by their lighting flashes and auto-mobiles, he said there would be signficant changes on both sides of the ball, especially the offense. These changes "hopefully will be obvious. The most important thing is it translates into performance." And if an unfrozen caveman coach, who is afraid of our talking boxes and honking horns, thinks we'll see changes, then dammit we'll see them.

Probably mixed too many jokes in here, but what the hell. My point was made.

Well Played, Sir. Well Played.

The boys over at The M Zone decided to have a little fun at 'ole Woody Hayes expense. I know. Shocker. They dug up an old picture of Hayes and Richard M. Nixon, and provided a little history lesson. Regardless of whether it was provoked or otherwise, it was still a good, cheap, mean-spirited shot that'll warm the heart of any Michigan fan. When looking at the photo remeber, only Nixon could go to China, but I'm still not going anywhere near Columbus....

What the F is Going on in the Big Ten This Year?

Big Ten Wonk pointed out to us that Northwestern, after beating Wisconsin last night, has beaten a top ranked team in the Big Ten twice this year. Huh? Yup. Their next shot at taking down a top team is Wednesday when osu shows up at Ryan Field House. While its still a tough task, the Wildcats seem to have found their "roar/meow" when facing good teams that take them lightly. With a record of (13-12, 5-8) the Cat's aren't dancin' but they can seriously screw up osu's tournament seeding going into March. (at left: There's Homer. There's Homer. There's Homer. NU takes down Wisconsin on Thursday Night.)

Funniest Thing in Blogging. Ever.

The boys at EDSBS found a blog full of the stuff to your right. I almost pissed myself laughing. The person who did this should get a pulitzer. You can thank them/me later.

Destroying the Counter Culture From the Inside.

Heisman Pundit put out its yearly awards yesterday and sadly Maize n Brew, perhaps because of its relative infancy, was left off the list. However, I belive you need to have given out awards for more than one year for it to qualify as a yearly award. Whatever. Rest assured Maize n Brew will continue to post and drink heavily in anticipation of the next blogger awards from Chewy's Blog. After all, the covetted Rrrrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnhhhh Award is the only one that matters.


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