Monday, February 13, 2006

I'll pass on the 'mole....

Michigan 70 Purdue 84

The one thing this season has proved is that Michigan Basketball is like going to a questionable Mexican Restaurant. You go there once or twice and like the food. In fact you go there one night and its the greatest meal you've ever eaten. But, in the back of your mind you know somethings not quite right with place. Clinging to that incredible meal you go back over and over again. You see a mouse, nah, that wasn't a mouse, it was a... a.... black torilla chip by the vent. Despite your better judgement you keep going back. Its that element of risk that makes it so much fun. Yeah, the food's good, but you know there's the possibility hanging out there that the rat poison over the stove could fall into your chimichunga. And finally, after one too many tacos-not-so-al-fresco, you're huddled around the toilet, lying in the fetal position, praying for death.

Hence the comparison with Saturday. I know everytime I turn on that television to watch them play, it's like going to El Guapo's. I'm putting it out there knowing something bad is going to happen, but I'm clinging to the hope of a good meal. And on Saturday, the roach motel really fell in the salsa. By the time I finally figured out that the game was being played on The Ocho, we were down fourteen. Purdue shot 60% from three point land in the first half. Note to Tommy Amaker, that line between the free throw line and half court, its important. This is the third straight game Michigan opponents have shot over 60% of their threes in the first half. *burb/mini-throwup* But when you think about it, OSU shot 75% from three land, so technically we're getting better. Good job boys.

Anyway, when the game hit halftime and we were down 20, I switched it off and game-casted the rest it. Courtney Sims pulled his usual disappearing act, pouring in 7 points on a 1 for 2 shooting night and tearing down 3 boards. Graham Brown was likewise invisible. Ron Coleman and Chris Hunter put in nice performances, putting in 18 and 16 points respectively. However nothing could help them recover from shooting 35% for the game, and playing defense like the French army, circa 1939.

In the end, the e. coli guacamole finishes you off. Pretty much like this game. Now if you don't mind, I'm going back to the bathroom....

Hell Will Have to Wait, Herrmann to J-E-T-S
You knew it was coming. The Detroit News, Schembechler Hall, Mgoblog, and others have reported that Jim Herrmann is not going to the firey bowels of hell as first reported. Instead, he'll coach linebackers for the Jets. Thank god he's gone, but the New Yorkers are going to kill him for the swarm of locusts he's bringing with him. Thanks to Schembechler Hall, Mgoblog, and iBlogForCookies for breaking the story to those of us too lazy to read the papers...

Michigan 4 Lake State 2
In other news Michigan split another series. After dropping Friday's game 2-3 in overtime to the Lakers, Michigan came back to post a 4-2 victory at Yost. No word yet if Jim Tressel has been indicted in the Rick Tocchet gambling ring.

And in Other News...
My two favorite sports to participate in are Skiing and Hockey. In that order. Nothing else comes remotely close to the amount of fun you can have participating in either.

To wit, the Winter Olympics get me more excited than... (insert Michael Jackson joke here). Seriously, is there anyting more entertaining than alpine skiing during the Olympics? These guys/girls are going 60-70 mph down a mountain, in spandex. As a certified ski-speed freak, I love this stuff. So I was a little disappointed to see the U.S. fail to medal in the men's downhill, specifcally Bode Miller. I was praying he'd be out till 2 am, hung over, and still take the gold. Then answer the press sippin on a bottle of Jack. Oh well, he's still got a couple more events...

If you don't know it, Lindsey Kildow, a U.S. downhiller crashed in practice and was flown to the ICU for care. Her injuries aren't as bad as feared, but its uncertain if she'll actually race in the Olympics. Here's hoping for a quick recovery.

Finally, Shaun White clinched the snowboarding half-pipe gold yesterday. While his runs were outstanding, his interview with Bob Costas afterwards was the stuff of legends. During his five minutes interview, Costas threw open the bear trap and White danced right into it. Apparently White said in an interview before hand that winning gold would help him get babes. Costas broke that little nugget out and White basically told him in response that he wanted to jump Sacha Cohen and that maybe his gold medal was the key to opening up her sow cow. Costas ended the intereview a minute later saying that White was going out tonight and "hoping for something better."

Priceless. That's why we love Bob...


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