Friday, February 10, 2006

Its almost official...

Ron English has officially said his good-byes to Da Bears. K.C. Johnson's article in the Chicago Tribune says English has officially backed out his new job as denfensive backs coach for the bears, and is expected to be named Defensive Coordinator at the University of Michigan. Where this leaves Jim Herrmannnnnnn, no one really knows. He hasn't found a new job yet, but is rumored to be a candidate for the NY Jets linebacker coaching job. All we know is he doesn't get to call the plays anymore.

English's resume is limited, but no one can argue with his sucess last year. While the defensive line was puttering along like a 56 chevy and the linebacking core was imploding, English pasted together an impressive season from the defensive backfield out of paperclips and bublegum. The national statistics are somewhat misleading, as Michigan finished 42 out of 117 D-1A schools, but this was a solid group. If he can perfrom the same MacGyver like magic on the whole defense next year, it should be a great season for the Maize and Blue

What is more important is the fact that Jim Herrmann will no longer be coordinating our defense. That alone is reason to celebrate.


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