Thursday, February 16, 2006

Mike Davis Out at IU. Planet Continues Spinning.

With thundering herds of angry Indianans(?) calling for Mike Davis' head after his "one of its own" comments, both the Indianapolis Star and ESPN have confirmed Mike Davis has resigned as head basketball coach of Indiana. Thanks to Big Ten Wonk for breaking the story. No word yet on who will likely replace Davis.

Contrary to earlier reports, Indiana has not degenerated into rioting and a Chucktatorship has not been declared. People are beating each other over the heads with corn and basketballs, but that's just a normal Thursday night before heading down to the DQ.

How this affects the Indiana team is anyone's guess, but Michigan's still gotta play them on March 4. Because it'll be Davis' last regular season game before the Big Ten tournament I suspect they'll play hard. Further, that last game could be the difference between going to the NIT or not. While it's a consilation prize, its still the post season, and Indiana will want to do something in March other than watch TV.


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