Wednesday, March 15, 2006

NIT Bracket Breakdown II

After Lunch and Full of...

Well, you already know that I've got Michigan in the Finals. So who're they gonna play. Read on...

The Louisville Bracket

Louisville v. Delaware St. - Delaware State lost to Maryland, Marquette, Michigan, and Northwestern. Badly. Louisville in a laugher.

Clemson v. Louisiana Tech - Clemson is not a team that scores a lot of points. It is a team that gives up a lot of points. Louisiana Tech doesn't score a lot, but doesn't seem to allow too many points either. Coin flip. Louisiana Tech in a squeaker.

Missouri State v. Stanford - Based solely on the alcoholic tree, I'm picking Stanford. That and I want to see those jackasses on the committee see that Missouri State's record against its wheelchair basketball league is not the same as playing in a real conference with true D1A athletes. Stanford wins, the Tree gets wasted and arrested.

Houston v. BYU - Gotta go with Houston. In case you forgot, Houston beat LSU and Arizona this year. They went 3-3 in their last six. The Stormin' Mormon's also had a pretty good year, beating tourney bound SDSU and Air Force. This should be the best game of the round. Houston wins.

Third Round - Louisville over La Tech; Houston over Stanford

Fourth Round - Houston over Louisville

The Cincinnati Bracket

Cincinnati v. Charlotte - Cinci's pissed. They think they should be in the Tournament. Instead they're here. They're going up against a relatively talented Charlotte squad who has the misfortune of playing in the A10 during a down season. I'll take Cinci. Barely.

Minnesota v. Wake Forest - Wake Forest. Minnesota can't find its ass with both hands. This time they don't get to play Michigan. Wake Forest takes it.

Florida State v. Butler - These are the types of teams Florida State built its shoddy tournament resume beating. They'll stay true to form. FSU over Butler.

South Carolina v. Western Kentucky - South Carolina over W. Kentucky. Who the hell is Western Kentucky? Seriously. Aren't we just making up names at this point?

Third Round - Cinci over Wake; S. Carolina over FSU

Fourth Round - South Carolina over Cincinatti

Semis - South Carolina over Houston

There you have it. South Carolina will play Michigan for the NIT title.

The Winner Is: I'll play the homer... Michigan. yea. We're the first worst. woo.

Please also realize if Michigan plays like it did against Minnesota revise the predictions to look like this:

Third Round - ND over Michigan ; Oklahoma St. over Creighton
Fourth Round - Oklahoma St. over ND
Semis - Rutgers over Oklahoma St.
Finals - S. Carolina over Rutgers


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