Wednesday, March 15, 2006

NIT Predictions and Other Stuff

Decomposing the NIT

Time to take a quick look at the Other Tournament. That's right, it's the Maize n Brew Breakdown of the NIT.

Because Michigan doesn't play until tomorrow, I ignored the opening round games. Here's how the NIT will play out from here, Maryland and Michigan brackets now, Louisville and Cinci brackets after lunch.

The Maryland Bracket

Maryland v. Manhattan - Maryland had a tough year. Losses to teams like Miami, Temple and Clemson likely cost them a Tournament berth. However, six of their other losses came to ranked teams. Manhattan gave 'Cuse a scare but didn't play anyone else, losing 10 games with a MAAC schedule. Maryland in a blowout.

Colorado v. Old Dominion - Colorado's alternated wins and loses for about a month. This team's got some decent athletes, and don't forget they knocked off Oklahoma earlier in the year. A similar team to Michigan, they needed a win in their Conference Tournament to go to the dance and laid an egg. Old Dominion absolutely crushed DePaul, beat Richmond, beat Virginia Tech, beat Georgia, and came close against Wisconsin. They finished the season 6-2. Old Dominion win.

St. Joes v. Rutgers - St. Joe's finished the season 8-2. They played GW tight and put up 94 on the Zags in a loss. Rutgers has a one man offense in Quincy Douby. Quality wins include Louisville, Marquette and Seton Hall. Rutgers wins.

Hofstra v. Nebraska - Oooh. The nail biter of the tourney. Screw Nebraska. I'm taking Hofstra on general principles. (Caveat - If sun belt officials are used, Nebraska wins).

Third Round - Maryland over Old Dominion; Rutgers over Hofstra.

Fourth Round - Rutgers over Maryland

The Michigan Bracket

MICHIGAN v. Utep - Mike Price tries to redeem himse... Wrong sport. UTEP lost by a point to Texas Tech and by 3 to UAB. Three dudes average in double figures. That's all I've got. Michigan snaps its losing streak.

Vandy v. Notre Dame - Wife went to ND. All her friends went there. Gotta pick em. Want to play them again just to either: (a) rub it in that they suck worse than we do; or (b) confirm that this is in fact the year of infinite pain. Either will do. ND over Vandy.

Creighton v. Akron - Admit it. You've played as Akron on NCAA 2005 just to win with the worst team in D1A. Akron played absolutely no one this year. Creighton beat Nebraska and a #25 ranked Northern Iowa team. Creighton wins.

Miami (Da U) v. Oklahoma St. - Man how the mighty have fallen. Eddie Sutton. Good luck. State did manage to beat Texas and to play at all with all the crap going on around them took some balls. Miami spent the last half of the season getting ass rammed by the ranked and almost ranked members of the ACC. Oklahoma St. pounds Da U.

Third Round - Michigan over ND; Oklahoma St. over Creighton

Fourth Round - Michigan over Oklahoma St.

Semis - Michigan over Rutgers (Rationale? Now that it doesn't matter Courtney Sims will play like a man possessed, dominating the tournament. Iti'll do two things: 1) Piss us off because that's the way he should've played all year; and 2) give us false hope for next year because he'll revert when it matters.)

Good Stuff Around The Blogosphere

Is RBUAS gonna have to choke a bitch!? Johnny goes off on the tournament selection process. Superb writing with a tinge of vengeance.

Burnt Orange Nation has a tourney breakdown for you. If you're team makes it, I suppose its more fun to follow. Here's their link to the Atlanta breakdown. You can access the rest by clicking on their home page. Be sure to check out their 41 reasons Texas will win it all. Self indulgent, but funny.


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