Thursday, March 16, 2006

Tournament Coverage: NITpicking Edition

Once Again, Minnesota Screws Things Up

In the first upset of my NIT bracket, Minnesota takes out Wake Forest. Not really that big a deal, but still, what does this team have against me? First they ruin Michigan's season, now they're ruining my predictions. Assholes. Doesn't matter. I didn't have the winner going any farther anyway.

Here's what I got right:

Old Dominion beats Colorado - You heard it head first. Hot team over a stumbling one. Makes me nervous about tonight.

Notre Dame shoots down Vandy - Smart kids beat up on the smarter kids. My hopes for a UM/ND game remain intact. (at right: How Notre Dame beat the smart kids.)

Houston Stomps BYU - Tom Penders has his boys ready to play!... in the NIT. This is a better team than any of us are giving them credit for.

South Carolina over W. Kentucky - SEC team beats... well... I'm not sure who they beat. But they won.

Here's What I Got Wrong:

Miami goes all Tony Montana on Oklahoma St. - Didn't see this coming. The way Miami finished the season, and the way they played all year, lead me to believe they were one and done. Wrong again. This takes out one of my quarterfinalist, by three bleeping points.

Minnesota beats Wake Forest - see above.

Clemson over La Tech - Like I said before, coin toss on this one. It did me wrong. Clemson won the right to face an angry Louisville team. Good job boys.

In short, I went 4 for7. Great batting average, but meh on the prediction side. Hopefully my prognostications for tonight will prop up my NIT Tournament Challenge standings on The Ocho.

Who Needs Bracket Help?

Well, its too late. The games have begun. But, if you want to know what the blogosphere has predicted RBUAS and Straight Bangin' have their brackets up. Johnny went 'Nova and Joey went UConn.

Me? No idea. I've got five different brackets. If you pressed me, I'd go with the safe pick, UConn. If given free reign... Texas. They've got size, quickness, and can shoot. Plus I think the loss to Kansas was kinda flukey. Kansas was pissed about the Big XII trophy award. Added motivation. I also picked BC in one bracket. I really like the way they play, and dammit, they got some hops.

Texas, UCLA, and Ohio State have the easiest roads to the Final Four. Texas doesn't have to play anyone until the Elite 8. I can't see W. Virginia or Iowa giving them much of a game. UCLA may have the best shot because I can't see Gonzaga living up to the hype. Ohio State also has a legit outside shot at the title. I hate writing it, but if they get hot outside they could easily waltz into the Final Four.

Dark Horse? UCLA. Talent. Easy road. Sweet Sixteen minimum. I know they're a 2 seed, but no one is talking about them.

Prince of Darkness Horse? Indiana/Michigan State. In know they're both Big Ten Teams. I know there's not an outside chance in hell this pans out. But I see Indiana as a Sweet Sixteen Team, and if Michigan State can get by a much more athletic UNC squad I see them making a push to at least the Elite Eight.

No Light Escapes From the Black Hole Horse? San Diego State. This has been the season of infinite pain. It would just fit.

Watch the Tourney at Work!

A buddy sent me this link:

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