Monday, March 27, 2006

The World Is Spinning The Wrong Way

In Other WTF!?!? News

George Mason beat UConn. I give up. College basketball makes no sense to me.

USC heir apparent John David Booty may miss the rest of spring practice with a back injury. To answer your question, yes, that is his real name. I'm convinced he's got a future in show biz. With a name like they he's either singing country or appearing in porn. The choice is up to him.

Finally, AllState insurance will sponsor the Sugar Bowl for the next four years. Let's add this all up. The country's largest insurer sponsors a football game in city where the worst disaster in recent U.S. history took place and where millions of people who got screwed by their insurance companies live in abject poverty and ruin? This will end in tears. Mark my words.


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