Wednesday, April 12, 2006

All Beverly All The Time

Praise Continues to be Heaped on Michigan's Top Basketball Target

The Patrick Beverly Recruiting and Promotion Department formerly known as the Chicago Sun-Times is awash with stories about young Mr. Beverly's past present and future.

In several recent articles stemming from the April 9, 2006 Chicago Roundball Classic played at the United Center, Beverly has been called the following:
1. "A major talent" by Bob Gibbons of CSTV; (Sun-Times)
2. "Right now, he's definitely in the top 75 or better" by Bob Gibbons of All-Star Sports; (Sun-Times) and
3. "The top unsigned recruit in the nation" by Roundball director Sonny Vaccaro. (Trib)
(Photo Courtesy Chicago Tribune, photo by Terrence Antonio James)

Beverly apparently put on quite a show at the Classic. Playing against some of the best talent in the nation, including four of Ohio State's Fab Five re-dux (complete with cars, drugs, and cash, cash, cash) on the other side of the court, Beverly scored 13 points, dished six assists, nabbed three steals and a blocked shot in 23 minutes of play. He led the way for the West early, scoring nine points in the first half. In the second half, he helped to seal the game for the West with a break away dunk. The article also mentions his poise with the ball and confidence running an offense. Apparently he can hit from just about anywhere on the court. The Trib reported that his mother made Patrick a sweet warm-ups deal to get him ready for the tournament. He had eight minutes, $2 a three, chase your own ball. He made 33 threes. Not bad.

Beverly is scheduled, according to the Trib, to make a visit to St. Johns over Easter Weekend, and then visit Arkansas April 20-21. This differs a tad from earlier reports, but if he's pushing back his Arkansas visit to go to St. Johns, I'll read it as a good sign. You'd think if he was excited about a school he'd see it sooner rather than later. Just my experience. Take it for what its worth.

Every article in the Trib or Sun-Times continues to have Beverly listing Michigan and Arkansas, in that order, as his top choices. In a Trib article by Bob Sakamoto, Beverly said "I was impressed by Tommy Amaker on my visit in March. Both he and Stan Heath (Arkansas) give their guards the freedom to take over a game." He also told the Sun-Times Steve Tucker ''Michigan and Arkansas are my top two, and I don't see that changing. They are both pretty big-time programs."

At this point it appears Michigan is his top choice of the two. In every article I've read, he consistently lists Michigan first and continues to heap praise on Tommy Amaker. To be honest, the Sakamoto article was the first time I ever head Arkansas coach Stan Heath's name in an interview or article with Beverly. Even so, its still up for grabs. Beverly made clear in his interview with that playing time was going to be one of the deciding factors. (courtesy of MGoBlog). In it, he may have proven that Tommy actually knows what he's doing. Beverly was quoted as saying Amaker told him with Horton's departure the starting point position was his if he came to Michigan. Good job Tommy.

Strangely, academics may be a critical factor as well. Beverly was reportedly impressed by Michigan's academic support programs. And when you compare a Michigan degree to Arkansas, well, it speaks for itself. We'll see what happens when he comes back from St. Johns and Arkansas. They'll put on a show for him. Hopefully his first Michigan experience left as much of an impression on him as mine did.

If that's the case, lets help him pick out a new number.


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