Friday, April 21, 2006

Friday's Docket: Football, Baseball, and Body Sushi

More Teams Michigan Should Play

Two days ago I took a swing at rescheduling Michigan's out-of-conference games. After spending seconds thinking it out, I came up with Georgia, LSU, Miami, Oklahoma, and Florida. What I forgot were a couple of outstanding programs that we either need to reschedule, or schedule for the first time. Please accept my appologies for this oversight.

1. ESU - Seriously. Hasn't it been long enough since we played these guys again? We played them on their home turf and these bastards haven't had the courtesy to finish off their end of the Home-and-Home. Liquidated Damages clause my ass. Anyway, the last game was a classic. Two Heisman hopefuls. Scoring a-plenty. And MAN, sealing the game with a goal line interception. Woo! Joe Kane may be gone, but they're back and loaded with talent.

2. Texas State University - A season without the Fightin' Armadillos on the schedule is like aday without sunshine. Yeah, in the early 90's they got nailed by NCAA sanctions, but its a Texas school. They're back. You can tell by the Escalades in the football parking lot. Besides, I hear their kicker is hot.

3. South Central Louisiana State University - Ever since they beat the University of Louisiana in the Bourbon Bowl, I've wanted a piece of this team. Boucher's gone, but his mystique lives on fo-eva.

Just thoughts for the 12th game.

More Idiocy Over Luxury Boxes

The Detroit News finally caught up to the rest of the Michigan alumni base. Unfortunately they gave the soap box to the wrong people. Several of people (Brian, Joey, etc.) have written far more eloquent and complete reasons for supporting luxury boxes at Michigan stadium, so I won't rehash it here. All I can say is let the boxes go in. Please. And please find something more productive to do with your time. In the interest of fairness, here's the opposition's website.

UPDATE: MGoBlog has had enough of this anti-luxury box crap.

Derek Lee Out With a Broken Wrist

Well, there go two seasons down the drain in one fell swoop. In case you missed it, Derek Lee broke his right wrist on Wednesday in a collision with Dodgers' shortstop Rafael Furcal. This officially torpedoes the Cubs season and screws me in my fantasy baseball league. Why is it when the bottom falls out of the Cubs season they've gotta take everyone along with them?

The Sushi Craze Gets Creepy

In case you've missed it, yet another west coast fad has made its way to Chicago. Recently, a failing up-scale sushi joint in Chicago's Gold Coast area figured out a way to get boat loads of free publicity and save its business. The answer: Body Sushi.

The owner hires half/mostly naked female models to use as serving pieces for his Sushi. And it ain't cheap either. $500 a person for 4 to 6 people. People are (pardon the pun) eating it up despite the cost. While the idea of having a naked model to eat off of may sound appealing at first...

please, let you mind wander...

(and we're back) raw fish isn't what you'd ideally have in mind. Nor would sharing this dirty little thought with 3 to 5 of your friends/coworkers/girlfriends/wives/family. Even so, this hasn't stopped people from coming to the restaraunt in droves. Apparently I'm the only person creeped out by the thought of eating raw fish off of a stripper.

Well, the craze has reached a new level of "ick". One of my buddies was fooling around on Craigs List and found an advertisement requesting a "male body sushi model". This got me thinking. Who in the hell would want to eat raw fish off a dude!? Apparently there's a market for it. So I convinced my buddy to send in a resume and a photo. What do you think?

Seconds Anyone?

We call it "Sushi in a Sweater". Enjoy your lunch.


At 1:28 PM, Blogger Johnny said...

I was always taught to run, and run fast when I found a girl who smelled like fish.

At 10:20 AM, Blogger Packer487 said...

You know the old saying "There's only two things that smell like fish...and one of them's fish"


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