Friday, April 14, 2006

Friday's Docket: Spring Games, Basketball Updates, and Henne's Twinkie Fetish

Final Spring Scrimage 50/50

The final Spring Practice is still set for 1 p.m. Saturday at the construction site formerly known as Michigan Stadium. What goes on at that practice, however, is up in the air.

Injuries have taken their toll on the Wolverines this spring. According to the Detroit News the following players are nicked up and questionable for Saturday's final practice:

John Thompson (FB) - badly bruised arm. Expected to practice.
Mario Manningham (WR) - a "nothing serious" sprained a knee. This makes me nervous.
Rueben Riley (OL) - Unspecific injury. Somewhat scary because we had him slated at tackle, and we need a Tackle. Bad. Otherwise get ready for "Henne Season II" on repeat.
Chris McLaurin (LB) - Shoulder problems that require surgery. If so out till fall practice.
Antonio Bass (RB/QB/All Around Nice Guy) - Blew out a knee. Gone till 2007. Sucks.

From the way Lloyd's been talking I wouldn't expect a scrimage on Saturday. Losing Bass to a nasty knee injury, one QB for the season, and all kinds of nicks and bruises seem to have influenced him to keep it simple. I'm guessing a relaxed final practice, a wave to the fans, then back down the tunnel.

Another problem with the constant renovations at the Big House, no fan session after the practice.
Due to ongoing construction and safety issues, the team will not be signing
autographs following practice and fans will not be allowed on the field. The
cement and bleachers on the west and south sides of the Big House are being

Oh well.

Saturday also marks the Men's Hockey Garage Sale. I am seriously pissed I can't be there. The one time I can restock my stick and equipment needs for the next season or two I'm stuck in Chicago playing hockey. Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes. Let me know if there's any good stuff there.

Hey. Wanna See my Twinkie?

Apparently there was a reason Chad looked like he was towing a house boat every time he "sprinted" out of the pocket last year. In a Detroit News article Henne admitted to enjoying snacky cakes and cheesey poofs (Hostess cakes and Taystee treats) on a regular basis as a late night snack. Apparently our fleet of feet QB dropped the Ding Dongs and has also dropped 10 pounds. There was more to the story, something about this being his big year and how good he'll be, but I tuned it out after Taystee Treats. The mental image of Henne curling up in the fetal position scarfing down Ho-Hos and Twinkies after a rough game cracks me up.

Wild, Baseless Basketball Speculation!

Just because the season ended three weeks ago hasn't prevented there from being a surplus of basketball news. The Diag is trumpetting the possible transfer/aquisition of the biggest fish in the transfer pond, center Eric Boateng from Duke. Boateng is supposed to be a top teir talent, but averaged almost nothing in his first year at Duke. So he wants out. According to the post, Michigan and Georgetown appear to be likely landing places for the former Duke center. However, this is the first I've heard anyone mention a transfer destination for this kid. At this point, yeah he'd be a great transfer, but there's nothing to support such speculation. Put this one in fantasy land until something comes along to substantiate it.

On the stronger, somewhat supported side of the basketball recruiting fence, GBW has a wrap-up of Michigan's recruiting efforts for 2007's guards and wings. Great Stuff. Looks like losing out on Legion has actually helped our standing with a couple of key recruits.


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