Monday, April 03, 2006

Let The Overblown Expectations Commence

The men's basketball season was laid to rest last Thursday.

The King is Dead. Long Live the King.

Less than a week post-mortem, its time to look ahead to what awaits us next year. It's my intent to do a much more indepth look into Michigan's basketball future, but I'll give you an early preview.

2005-6 Season Stats: 22-11; 8-8 Big Ten (Tied for 6th); Runner-up National Invitation Tournament

Who's Gone (of importance): Horton, Hunter, Brown. Four other scrubs: Grooms, Ba, Sanchez and Harrell are also gone.

Who's Left: Harris (G), Petway (F), Abram (F/G), Sims (C), Smith (G), Coleman (F/G), Shepard (G), and red-shirt frosh Kendric Price.

Who's Coming: DeShawn Sims (Detroit Pershing), K'Len Morris (Grand Blanc) and Anthony Wright (Oak Hill, VA) are committed.

Who We're Praying is Coming: Patrick Beverly (Chicago, IL)

If the Season Started Tomorrow: (C) Sims; (F) Petway; Abram (F); Harris (G); Smith (PG)
More soon. Work must be done.


Great write up on Michigan's final over at RBUAS. Johnny's venture inside the box scores makes you think a lot harder about your positions on Amaker and the NIT.


At 9:58 AM, Blogger Johnny said...

Oh yes, the girls are definitely worth seeing. And like I'm sure you noticed laying it out, next year's team won't be awful, which is encouraging. Fortunately the whispers coming from Spring Practice sound good, and baseball is finally here to keep me occupied.

At 11:49 AM, Anonymous Ben said...

Johnny, what kind of spring practice whispers are you hearing?

Dave, nice work.


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