Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday's Docket: Recruiting News Out The Yin Yang

Mallet to Decide This Week

According to GBW, 5 Star QB Ryan Mallet out of Texarkana, TX will make his college decision this week. Cross your fingers. Mallett will be choosing from Michigan, Florida State (a recent hard charger), Alabama and Oklahoma. GBW seems to think we're in the lead because Michigan's the only school he actually visited. Mallett also confirmed speculation that Texas gave him a 24 deadline to decide on their offer before he cut Texas out of the picture.

Anyone else excited? Michigan's been after Mallett since it was legal to pursue him. It was perceived for a while as a two dog race between Texas and Michigan until Texas dropped an ultimatum on Mallett. He shot them down and "opened" things up again. Since then FSU has been all over him like Charlie Wies on the Old Country Buffet dessert table. Apparently they sent him several of the cards to the right. While FSU can certainly offer Cowgirl Jen, Michigan can offer an NFL pipeline and the starting job in 2008 when he comes off his (stated preference of a) first year red-shirt.

While we've been down this road before, all signs point to Ann Arbor. So stay tuned.

GBW also put together a great look at Michigan's recruiting on the Defensive side of the Ball. Excellent work. I'm not going to rehash it, but this is pure gold for you recruiting junkies. (Thanks to the Diag for pointing it out). Here's a hint, its heavy on DBs.

One Less QB Out There

There is also officially one less uber-qb-recruit out there. Jimmy Clausen, brother of former Tennessee QB's Casey and Rick, announced he's committed to Notre Dame as a 2007 recruit. While Michigan had offered Clausen, it was a two horse race between ND and Southern Cal. While it would've been sweet if Clausen had pulled a Carlos Brown and committed to Michigan out of the Blue (pardon the pun), he wasn't really on the radar. Ryan Mallett has been Target #1 all along.

The Good News: ND is no longer in the market for a #1 QB to replace Quinn. If Jabba the Wies can keep from eating Clausen, or freezing him in Carbonite, Notre Dame is out of the QB recruiting picture for a couple of years. Also, this kid is a Clausen. We've seen how good they are. Plus Tom Lemming likes him which creeps everyone out. They can have him. Maybe his mere presence on the roster will turn ND into Tennessee. If so, look for the Georgia Tech upset and a string of hookers-n-blow related incidents in South Bend.

Bad News: Meh. If something goes awry and we lose out on Mallett, it means USC's intensity will be stepped up. Nothing really bad here.

Basketball: Reynolds Released From Oklahoma

The good news just keeps rolling in. Scottie Reynolds, formerly one of Michigan's top Basketball targets for 2006, was released from his letter of intent to Oklahoma. With Patrick Beverly's commitment to Arkansas, it seems we have an opening for young Mr. Reynolds. Reynolds was a McDonald's All-American and plays point. Lemme check. Yeah. There's a spot for him.

Reynolds has been rumored from the start to have Michigan on his shortlist because it was among his final choices before choosing OU. There's not a lot of time between now and the start of school, so expect an announcement relatively soon. As long as he doesn't visit anyone, we're in good shape.

Michigan Hockey Picks Up a Forward and a Goalie and The Diag are also reporting that we've picked up two new letters of intent for the hockey team. Forward Trevor Lewis from Utah and goalie Steve Jakiel from California. Lewis was a point machine in the USHL, coming in second in league scoring with 75 points in 56 games (35-40).

Any goalie help is good help. Jakiel will be expected to battle Sauer for the starting goalie job. Also of note, Jakiel is 6-4 and has 20 pounds on Sauer. Good news. I'm a big proponent of large goalies, and if Jakiel's as good as his reported .910 save percentage in the USHL last year (imagine a test range for the A-10's autocannon, then you've got the USHL), we'll be in great shape between the pipes.


At 10:18 AM, Blogger Packer487 said...

Another thing I like about Jakiel is that he really hasn't been playing hockey all that long, so there should be some "tremendous upside potential" there.

He struggled a little bit in the early going, but once he was traded it seemed like he really played pretty well. I'm looking forward to seeing him.


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