Friday, April 07, 2006

Thank God for Sweet, Sweet Coffee

Seriously. I'm falling apart at the seams today.

Thankfully, it's a light newsday.

It's cold and crappy in Chicago, so it can only mean one thing...

Opening Day at Wrigley!

That's right. Another year of Cubs futility has begun. Prior and Wood are both on the shelf. Pitching coach Larry Rothschild is doing his best to ruin Carlos Zambrano too. Dusty is sitting in the dugout whittling down a tree trunk for toothpicks and making up new excuses for why my beloved Cubs will suck again this year. The Wrigley bleachers are now the "Bud Light Bleachers". You can't get Old Stlye in the Bleachers anymore. Is it any wonder why I went to more Sox than Cubs games last year?

Wait 'til Next Year

That time of the season has finally hit. Sadly, Big Ten Wonk is going on his usual summer hiatus. He'll return in November when the leaves have changed and college hoopsters fly through the midnight air. Until then, March Madness All Seaon should suffice to fill your basketball sweet tooth. Both are some of the best basketball blogging on the net.

The Strange Saga of Alex Legion Continues

Apparenlty Legion's mom reads the blogs. Well, maybe not. She definitely reads the papers however. In an effort to clear the air on who's calling the shots for her 5 star son, The Diag reports that his mother Annette appeared on Terry Foster and Mike Valenti's radio show on 1270-AM WXYT yesterday. She was quoted as stating the following:
As far as everybody wants to know who is calling the shots, I'm calling the shots, his mother.
That's welcome news. In addition, Annette made very, very clear that she wants her son in Maize and Blue. However, she also said that her son opened up his recruiting in an effort to see what else was available to him.
It's just like when you put out a product out there – you want to test it and see how it's going to go. We tried it here in Michigan for three years, and it didn't make it, so now we're going somewhere else and put our market somewhere else.
Um. Okay. To an extent she's right. They have put a product out on the market. Her son. While the tought of calling a child or a young man who can shoot a basketball a "product" sounds horrible, it is the truth. Legion will end up being a cash cow for whatever university lands his services and he won't see a dime of it till he reaches the pros. Perhaps her bluntness should be applauded. Rather than the usual platitudes that we'd probably suspect as false, she's being honest. Even so, because it would benefit the basketball program to have a kid of Alex's skill on the team, her "market analysis" makes me a tad nervous.

We'll see what happens. Three things strike me from the interview:

1) Alex's mom is looking out for him. This means that the whole Tim Green thing may have been blown out of proportion or she's stepped in and taken her son back. Either of those outcomes are good for the kid.

2) Legion will be in college for two years. Legion's mother said in the interview that its Alex's decision on where he wants to play for two years. While she said that in the context of where her son was playing high school ball, if he's as good as advertised, I suspect he'll jump pro after his sophmore year.

3) As big a Michigan fan as she is, the fact that during the interview she equated the recruiting process with car shopping scares me.

Right now Michigan looks like a '88 Brougham.

Michigan Basketball - Sweet in the 1980's

It runs. It used to be a pimped out ride, but now its kinda faded. The seats are worn. The transmission's a year from falling out. Its a testament to excess of old. If he gets a serious look at some of the Benzos or H2s of the college basketball world (not in the Chris Weber sense, because that is cheating), his interest in riding around in that old ass Brougham could fade. However, if Alex put a set of DUBs on that Caddy, it'd look pretty sweet. We'll see what kinda car shopping they're doing over the next year.

The biggest positive to come out of the interview is her constantly reiterating that she wants her son at Michigan. That's a good thing. Hopefully Alex will agree with that.

FYI: MGoBlog has a great take on the whole situation.

Beverly To Visit Arkansas has Patrick Beverly visiting Arkansas over Easter weekend. Hopefully the weather sucks, the girls are ugly, and the facilities are in disrepair. And since I'm dreaming, I'd also like a pony.

Slow News Day Makes Us Focus On Recruiting Too Much

The problem with following basketball recruiting is that there are so few positions available on the court that even when a recruit sneezes everyone gets nervous. It's much better when there's actually stuff to write about so you don't focus on an interview done by a recruit's mother when the kid is still a full year and a half away from college. Why can't Lloyd do something funny so I can nit pick that for an hour?


At 12:29 PM, Anonymous Ben said...

Lloyd doesn't do funny. He does do crotchety though.

Have you yet digested the UV regarding Beverly?

At 12:51 PM, Blogger Maize n Brew Dave said...

Yeah. Kid's a talent. Like the quote says, anytime a kid can single handedly will himself into an all-star game its a big deal. He seems to be the prototypical player that Amaker wants to build a team around.

I'm curious to see what happens to Beverly down in Arkansas. Its a basketball crazy campus, so they're gonna be a tough competitor for his services. Oh, and that "making the NCAA" thing is also big.

At 5:18 PM, Blogger Johnny said...

The whole bit about comparing them to a '88 Brougham was excellent.

Michigan fell like a bucket of wet concrete after that Illinois win, so I think Legion has every reason to reassess things. Assuming there were no recruiting improprieties (which, as Brian points out, is very hard to assume), and looking at it from a completely moral standpoint, I won’t argue with Legion. If anything, he should be applauded for such a desire to play for a winner, or at least a program who hasn’t been as stagnant as Michigan’s. And unfortunately, right now Michigan’s basketball team is the kind that makes a guy of Legion’s caliber look a bit peculiar when he goes there.

Going to a school like Kansas or UCLA or UConn would make much more sense for him. And it’s sure as hell not like Michigan’s a pipeline to the NBA anymore. I wouldn’t put their chances of re-acquiring Legion above 10% at this point; I think any mention he gives them in the Scout/Rivals updates are merely a player obliging the hometown school who’s been after him for quite a while.

And your Cubs bludgeoned my Cardinals today; what the fuck's up with that?


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