Thursday, April 13, 2006

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State of The Blog

With little to do last night I decided to try my hand at updating the site. Even though HTML is as foreign to me as cooking Ethiopian food, I gave it a shot. As you can probably tell, I made a couple of minor tweaks. As my confidence grows, I'll put up a nifty little banner involving some sort of team sport and a beverage made from hops. Until then the content will have to keep you entertained.

Tommy's After a Big Fish

A 6-foot-10, 260 pound frosh that is. The Diag is reporting Tommy is quietly, but heavily recruiting Anderson, IN big man Gary McGhee for Michigan's 2007 class. This is "big" news if you'll pardon the pun. With Ohio State pulling in meatnormous 7 footer Greg Oden, Michigan could be in big trouble for the next four years because of the absence of an answering force. Michigan does not have a true center inked after Courtney Sims departs next year. Oh, and just so you know, there is no way Sims will be able to guard Oden. Too big, to quick.

Signing a young man like McGhee would go a long way to make Michigan competitive down low. Anderson is big, and could battle Oden based on size alone. While Graham Brown couldn't stay with the Big Ten's lead centers offensively, he pounded on them based solely on his strength and body weight. Now imagine Brown, a couple of inches taller, and with an actual post move. Such a signing would also be the first true center Michigan's had since, ugh, Robert "Tractor" Trailor.

McGhee is garnering interest from Wisconsin, Virginia, Connecticut and Wake Forest according to The Diag. His profile has the highest profile school interested in him as Indiana, with Purdue, Valpo, and Miami (FL) showing interest. At this point it doesn't appear any offers have been made. Scout has him ranked as the 13th best big man in the 2007 class.

Apparently McGhee's dad is pretty high on Michigan. Again, our academics give us a leg up. Gary Sr. stated Michigan will definitely be one of the schools they visit. If Tommy pulls this one out of the hat I'll be shocked. UW, UConn, and WF are all preinial NCAA teams. McGhee's even gotten some interest from UNC. It's a long shot at best, but if there is any movement on the Crisler rehab, and McGhee sees that he'll start immediately in the Big Ten there's a chance he could be persuaded. I'll give Tommy this, he ain't sitting on his laurels. Maybe he can land this one.

If not, prepare for two years of total domination of the Big Ten by Ohio State. Then disgrace, early exits, two failed championship runs, a questionable timeout, boosters get caught, program gets the death penalty, and all those banners have to come down.

Hey. It happened to us.

Football Spring Practice

Update coming after lunch.

Until then these articles in the Detroit News, Ann Arbor News, and Free Press will have to keep you happy. But just in case:

Antonio Bass is out for the season. To be honest, I don't think it affects us that much. Bass is a true athlete, and was slated as our number two QB, but we're not an option team. So far, Bass has been an athlete without a true position. He's been put at RB and WR. They've tried him on defense. They were trying him at QB when he blew out a knee. It truly stinks when a good kid gets hurt the way he did in spring practice. However, considering where the team was before, and is now, his loss is not one that puts Michigan behind the eight-ball. Athletes of his caliber typically make pretty good recoveries. Hopefully when he's back on the practice field Lloyd will have found a place for him.

Carlos Brown is being used at corner? Are we in that much trouble at CB or are we in that good with Brandon Saine? MGoBlog described Saine as a jet engine in a helmet because of his track star speed. Saine's apparently a life long Michigan fan. If that's true, and we're in like our man Flint, sweet. If not, why not give Brown as many reps as possible at RB considering the durability problems Hart had last year.

There could also be the possibility that things are working out better with Brown in the defensive backfield. Carr's mentioned CB's Charles Stewart and Johnny Sears as having had good springs. In addition, the only group he's singlehandedly leveled the boom on has been the linebacking corps. So that indicates our defensive backfield, under English's new system either takes some pressure off the DB's or they're adapting faster than anticipated.

While its a possibility, I don't buy it. We need CB help. Bad. When Jai Eugene left, we lost a starter and we're still looking for a replacement. Maybe the thought is Brown can hold fort till next season when we can fill that position with a hoss. Maybe the position change is permanent, and with Brown's height (six feet even) he could make it happen. We'll see what happens.


At 8:41 AM, Anonymous ny1995 said...

Brown at corner is just a little thing he's doing on the side, not a position switch. Carr seems to believe that Brown might be able to make a contribution as a nickelback without having to put in too much practice time.

I doubt you'll see him there in fall.

At 10:18 AM, Blogger Maize n Brew Dave said...

Whew. All the CB talk made me a tad nervous.

At 7:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

With Bass out now, Brown is seeing some time at QB too. Don't be too concerned about all this defense talk.


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