Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Tuesday's Docket: If You're Gonna Pound Something

You Need a Mallett

Today another top flight QB recruit will announce his destiny, and this time, it's a recruit we actually care about. Ryan Mallett told Go Blue Wolverine that he will announce his college choice today "either before or after [football] practice".

Mallett apparently said this after being visited by a cadre of Michigan coaches and staff who came down to talk with his coaches, teammates and watch practice. Hell, apparently they even stayed after to break down film with the guys. Michigan coaches, along with representatives from FSU, OU, and Bama will be on hand today for Mallett's announcement.

In stark contrast to the show put on by Notre Dame uber-recruit Jimmy Clausen (at right), Mallett said he'll announce his decision through a local radio station and leave it at that. In case you missed it, Clausen made his announcement at the college football hall of fame (which should be in lower case permanently for allowing a stunt like that) wearing more bling than Mr. T. As a result, ridicule has been dished out liberally. In case you're curious about Clausen anyway, Blue Gray Sky's got the scoop. Mallett's low key announcement will be a welcome respite from such nonsense.

While I am happy to kick Notre Dame while they are up (they got their #1 QB), we will have to wait until the afternoon to learn Mallett's fate. However, Mallett's decision is being seen by those in the recruiting world as leaning Michigan's way. I'll take the presence of the Michigan coaching staff in Texarkana as a good thing too. Michigan's main competition comes in the form of FSU and Coach Bobby Bowden who have been hot on Mallett's trail since Texas dropped out of the running.

Comparing the two schools, Michigan has to be the clear leader. FSU has been a place wheree top QB's go to die over the last ten years. With the exception of 102 year old Chris Weinke, FSU quarterbacks aren't making any impact in the ACC or NFL. Additionally, FSU has TWO (2) sophmore quarterbacks battling it out for the starting job, meaning Mallett would get two years starting time if either of them turn out to be decent.

Michigan, however, has been an NFL pipeline. It's current QB is a junior. The starting job at Michigan will be Mallett's for 4 years after his redshirt. These are facts that I'm sure are not lost on Mallett.

While Basketball recruiting's been rough on Big Blue, football recruiting's been going well. Keep your fingers crossed.

Michigan: Quaterback U

Rivals has been doing a series on Universities that turn out the best position players in football. Michigan, as you're probably aware, was named QB U. Michigan was named as a runner up for Interior Offensive Linemen and Tight Ends. Offensive Tackle is next on the list of stories, as is running back and safety. Expect Michigan as at least a runner up at the Tackle position with five tackles on different NFL rosters (Backus, Jansen, Pearson, Runyan, and Maurice Williams).

Annoyingly, Michigan went unnamed in the Wide Receiver category. Apparently Amani Toomer, Tai Streets, Braylon Edwards, Derrick Alexander, and ANTHONY CARTER don't count for much.

For an up to date listing of Michigan alumni in the NFL, CBS Sportsline has everyone currently playing. Did you know Todd Collins is still playing??


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