Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesday's Docket: Pins and Needles

Beverly To Announce Decision on Wednesday

According to Rivals.com and The Diag, Chicago standout guard Patrick Beverly has made his decision between Michigan and Arkansas. I wish I could say I knew where he's going, but I don't. Michigan seemed like a solid favorite before Easter/Passover weekend. Then Beverly took his visit to Arkansas. Like a rusted out '52 chevy, it looks like the wheels may be coming off the Michigan recruiting wagon.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette had a brief piece on Beverly's visit where he said mostly the same things he said at Michigan (courtesy The Diag). One change: "The facilities, everything, is brand spanking new." Even so, in reading the write up, I'm less convinced that its a slam dunk for Arkansas.

Beverly's commitment should give us a pretty good indicator of where Michigan stands in College Basketball. If he commits, I believe it shows a program on the upswing which can land mid-top tier talent even with (and most likelydespitete) its current facilities. If not, it shows Michigan, despite its name and money, is still at the bottom of mids, looking from the outside in at the big boys and the not so-big boys. With the way things have been going, I'm watching the wheels on that '52 pretty closely.

MGoBlog is reporting SIGNED recruit DeShawn Sims was the MVP of the Capital Classic. Good news. Even better news because he's locked in.

Light and Fluffy

The Free Press has a nice article on Linebacker LaMarr Woodley. Apparently after a disappointing season, his draft stock wasn't quite as high as he would have liked it, so he returned for one more year. For more fluff, look right, and click here for more photos from the final Spring Practice on GBW. Michigan Sports Center's got a great wrap up too.

More Football:
Georgia v. Michigan, Kyle Goes on The Offensive

For those of you who haven't been following it, The Mayor, Kyle T. King proprietor of Dawg Sports University of Georgia Sports blog, has been attempting to rally fans of our two great institutions to lobby their respective administrations to support a future home-and-home series with the Georgia Bulldogs.

Kyle took the nay-sayers of this marvelous idea in today's Dawg Sports posting. While Kyle harbors no secret love of the Michigan program, he does do magnificentnt job of reviewing the program from an outsider's perspective. Because its so hard to view our the Maize and Blue through anything but a cynical eye these days, Kyle's write up is a nice look back at the success Michigan has had, as well as a look forward to the success we will have again.

I have to tell you, the thought of a Michigan Georgia match-up gets me all goosebumply. Ever since my wife and I visited the lovely town of Savannah, GA on a trip, a part of my heart has remained in the south. One of the best memories I have is staying at a lovely little bed and breakfast just outside of Savannah's downtown (which I cannot recommend highly enough). The owners had a beautiful bulldog named Dutchess who was part of Uga's litter. Needless to say, if my wife and I get a dog, its gonna be a bulldog. (Who can resist that face?)

Their fervent fandom for their alma mater is not unlike our own. The traditions are similar. The fans are knowledgeable and respectful. The quality of the two programs can't be questioned. Finally, the prospect of an early September game in Athens and drinking in the warm southern sun (combined with a Michigan win), well, that's tough to beat.

On top of that, playing a top tier college program like UGA would continue to grow the Michigan legend as a team that can play with, and beat, the best in the country. (The revenue generated from such an event would be something to behold too, Mr. Martin).

Huzzahs all around.

cc. Bill Martin

More On Red's New Contract

The Daily has a nice piece on Red's new contract. In addition, Berenson announced that Matt Hunwick will be next year's team captain, and T.J. Hensick and Jason Dest will serve as assistant captains. Congrats boys!

Adding Blogs To The Roll

If you haven't done so already, check out Stadium and Main, a another recent addition to the Michigan blogosphere. Excellent insights and some fun revisionist history on Michigan's recent football past.

The Wolverine Den popped up a couple of days ago, too. Welcome to the seemingly never ending sea of Michigan blogs.


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