Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Wednesday's Docket: Recruits, Football Wishlists, Baseball and the NBA Playoffs

Maize n' Beverly?

We'll find out today. Beverly is scheduled to announce his decision at a press conference around 3 pm (CST) today. I'll keep my fingers crossed and keep you posted. In addition, Beverly's skyrocketing stock was further boosted by ranking him the 64 best prospect out of high school. This is the first time Beverly was been ranked in the Rivals Top 150.

If you look a little higher up on the list, you'll also see signed UM recruit DeShawn Sims checking in at #31.

In case Mr. Martin is wondering how to spend the reported $17 million in profits the Athletics department rakes in I suggest following Georgia's lead. Check out the Stegeman Coliseum Annex (at right). The new annex cost $30 million and will apparently not generate enough money to support itself. It will, however, generate a significant buzz amongst, oh say, uber recruits looking for nice practice facilities. This will in turn help bring the university the notoriety that only a NCAA tournament appearances can generate. Why is it that only schools in the South (and Ohio) have figured this out?

More Football: 5 Teams I'd Like To See Michigan Play

This question was recently posed by a Burnt Orange Nation reader in response to Mayor Kyle's out of conference scheduling postings. As usual, Kyle quickly put together a witty retort which includes a gratuitous photo of Kristin Davis. Michigan tops his list.

Here's My Top Five Out of Conference Wishlist:

1. Georgia - For obvious reasons. Sun. Booze. Southern cooking. Gym Dawgs.

2. LSU - Oh baby would this be a party. I'm stocking up on beads in anticipation. On top of that, playing the Tigers in Baton Rouge, supposedly one of the toughest places in the country to visit would be a great measure of both Michigan's coaching and talent.

3. Miami - One of the preeminent programs of the last three decades. Even though they got whupped in last year's finale you're a fool if you count out the 'Canes. Recruiting is as strong as ever and Coker is a good coach. This team will be a force to reckon with for years to come. Besides, any excuse to go to Miami Beach is a good excuse.

4. Oklahoma - Ohio State got Texas, so we'd naturally get the team that usually beats the pants off of Texas. If you're gonna go rivalry, UM/OSU and UT/OU are up there as the meanest, nastiest rivalries on the face of college football. It would be rather fitting too, as UM has dropped a few to OSU and OU got pounded by Texas last year.

5. Florida - The chance to lift a luke warm PBR with Orson doesn't hurt, but more than anything I want to see "The Swamp". I've heard its a loud miserable place to play in if it ain't your home. The Urbanator has brought in some top flight talent, they're a fun team to watch on TV, and personally I'd love to see them on their home turf in a game I cared about.

Also receiving votes:

Alabama - Two of the winningest programs in college football and because Keith Jackson would call the game; and

Florida State - Cowgirl Jen aside, Lloyd v. Bowden would be awesome. Just think of the man boobs involved in that matchup. Oh, and it would be a pretty good game down in Tallahassee too.

Yeah their all southern schools, but we tend to play PAC-10 teams on a regular basis so I excluded them from the list. Look at the list. Tell me you wouldn't love to go to any of these games. Beats the hell out of playing Indiana in Bloomington.

Anyway, in case you're jonesing for some more Michigan news, The Daily takes a look at the Final Spring Practice. Johnny's back up and running, and posted a sweet, sweet SI cover from 1986. You've gotta see it.

Harry Doyle Here...

Hey all you Michoo maniacs, in case you haven't noticed, and judging by the attendance you haven't, Michigan has started to win a few and is threatening to, bolt into first? The Nine n' Blue swept away the Buckeyes this past weekend. Michigan is currently in second place in the Big Ten and stands a game out of first behind first place Northwestern. Michigan pounded OSU 14-3 on Friday, and then took both games in a Saturday doubleheader 7-1 and 2-1 (in extras).

Michigan travels to Purdue this weekend to play the third place Boilermakers who stand third in the Big Ten, and post an overall record of 20-11. In case you were wondering, the Cats are 9-3 in the Big Ten but 3-17 outside of it. Go Cats! Reow!

In Other News

The NBA playoffs are just about set. If the Bulls beat the Raptors tonight, they don't have to go to Detroit, a right so many of us take for granted. (Thanks to the Trib for the joke).

The the Bulls had better win. I was hoping the Bulls would stick around a series or two. A trip to Detroit should include golf clubs because that's what you've be using three/four games later. I can't think of anyone who wants to face those guys. On the plus side, with a win, even if the Pistons don't finish off the wizards tonight, Chicago's worst outcome is playing Miami. The Heat are nowhere near as complete a team and the Bulls split the season series with. However, a loss means a trip to the tees with a three game layover in Detroit. Here are the Bulls' playoff scenarios.

BTW, am I the only guy who thinks Tayshaun Prince looks like an alien? He's just goofy looking. Seriously. Look at this dude. Hey looks like a tan version of Gumby.

It's NHL playoff time! Which coincides with the end of the Blackhawks season. The Hawks downed the Blues in their season finale in front of 10 or 15 people. If a tree falls in the woods...


At 9:36 AM, Anonymous Ben said...

Dave, is that true? I thought if Chicago loses, regardless of the outcome of the other games, they are the 8th seed?

They can lose and still be 7th??

I have a vested interest in this in that I have game 3 Bulls playoff tickets (hoping to actually see the Pistons)!

At 9:51 AM, Blogger Maize n Brew Dave said...

Sorry, bout that. You're correct. I was implying that if the bulls win, the worst thing that could happen would be Miami. I corrected it on the site already.

In fact if they win and the wiz lose, they're the 5 seed against Cleveland. Wiz win, Pacers lose, Bulls win, Chicago's a 6 seed against NJ. Wiz win, bulls win, pacers win then Chicago plays Miami.

here's the trib's take on it.

At 10:13 AM, Anonymous Ben said...

Thanks, Dave. I wasn't correcting you -- merely inquiring on the situation since I was unsure of the scenarios myself.

Here's to hoping for a Bulls/Pistons slaughter! I haven't seen the Pistons play live since I moved to Chicago (seven years ago).

I'm pumped up for the prospect.

At 10:20 AM, Blogger Maize n Brew Dave said...

No worries at all. I misspoke (miswrote?) in the post, so I'm glad you caught it.

Can't say I'm with you on the game's outcome though. I grew up at Chicago Stadium back when Dave Corzine patrolled the glass and Orlando Wolridge was snorting up the freethrow line. Bulls' would give the Pistons three tough games, but that'd be it. 3 games. Decided by a total of 10 points.

I caught the last two Pistons games here in Chicago (five rows from the floor, biatch!) and the bulls give the pistons fits. Just not enough of them. They'd be great games, but unfortunately, the bulls would lose.

So naturally I'm hoping for a Cavs match-up. Mostly because I still don't think Cleveland is that good (other than Bron-Bron). Too much depth on the Bulls' bench.

At 3:22 PM, Anonymous Ben said...

I did like the Bulls when Jalen played.

However, most of my youth was spent loathing Jordan, Pippen, Cartright and the rest of those mofos who battled my 'Stones for annual championship glory.

I really, really hope the Bulls lose tonight (and then play a great series against Detroit, which Detroit wins, of course).

I'd also like a pony.

At 9:13 AM, Anonymous Ben said...


Looks like Chicago/Miami.

NOW I'm a Bulls fan for the next week, mostly because I can't stand Dwa-yane and Shaq.

I just need a Bulls t-shirt now...


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