Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another Not So Quiet day in Blog Land

When news is hard to comeby, all you have is hearsay and conjecture (which are types of evidence) with which to create a story. So in that vein...

Thursday's Hearsay and Conjecture

Michigan Draws NC State: Michigan's ACC/Big Ten Challenge opponent this year will be tournament tested NC State. Michigan plays at NC State Monday November 27, 7pm on ESPN2. In their last meeting Michigan topped NC State 68-61. The game worth noting is Ohio State/UNC. The manchild's prime time debut. I'll feel better about both games if we've got an actual center inked by then.

Tommy Down Under: In case you missed it, Tommy Amaker is coaching the annual Big Ten touring squad this summer as it galavants through Autralia. Expect a fast start followed by a mind bending collapse at the end of the tour.

The Detroit News put together a nice fluffy feel good piece on Amaker today. He's staying true to himself... blah, blah, blah... kids change their minds all the time... blah, blah, blah... not sacrificing the program's values... (snoring from interviewer). Lots of "the program is heading in the right direction" crap plus the standard sloppy wet kiss from Dick Vitale.

Crux of the piece, even After losing three highly touted in-state recruits to decomits in the last three years, Tommy doesn't think he doing anything wrong. The jury's still out on that self-assessment. If he lands either Scottie Reynolds or Eric Boateng, I'll give him a pass for the year. If he loses out on both, I'll sick Joey on him.

Where Michigan Stands in the 2007 Recruiting Class: Nowhere. The new Rivals 150 for 2007 is out. Not surprisingly, not a single player on the list has Michigan as a commitment. Michigan State, however, has already garnered 3 commits from the top 30 on the list. Former commit Alex Legion checks in at #38. The brief Rivals write up is interesting, but doesn't have a lot of good information for the Maize n Blue. Lots of targets, but no commitments.

Football: ESPN takes a look at the Big Ten following Spring Practice. Nothing you didn't know, but Maisel and Forde's 3 Things to Watch brings up the question of how much longer Lloyd will be behind the wheel if Michigan doesn't have good year. The MZone has already taken a crack at it.

The Simpsons and Football: Doug over at Hey Jenny Slater went back to work on matching Simpsons characters with our favorite college football programs. Brilliant, brilliant stuff. If anyone knows who keyed his car, please let him know.
And speaking of which...

The South Shall Rise Again: The good folks who root for Mississippi State did not take too kindly to my carpetbaggin' their beloved SEC. Specifically, their anger was pointed at my removing their shool from the SEC's football ranks along with Kentucky, instead of booting either Vandy or Ole (Old) Miss. This apparently would do irreparable harm to college basketball, the church, and send the earth spinning into the sun. I'm guessing they didn't read the piece that inspired my little side track. They also did not like my suggestion of slimming down to ten teams and eliminating the championship game. Oh well. I stand by it.

However my arbitrary decision to cut MSU from the SEC warrants another look. Considering only the football program and taking a look at their historical record, from 1991-2003 the Bulldogs went 75-75-2. They finished the year ranked 23, 24, 13, and 24 nationally in 1992, 1994, 1999, and 2000 respectively. In light of these numbers, a bad 2004 and 2005 (which colored my decision) hardly warrant demotion. In hindsight, their demotion makes less sense in light of their 35-14 whupping of Mississippi, which I arbitrarily included in my revised SEC. Looking at Ole Miss a little closer, they too have been a more than adequate member of the SEC. Mississipi's worst season in 20 years was a 3 win campaign in 1987. That aside they have managed to be around .500 a majority of that time. Despite the glare of ESPN during Eli Manning's stay (the Mannings are the push up bra of sports marketing, they make programs/teams look good from afar. Then you get a good close look and you're not nearly as impressed), they have not been nearly as good as advertised. Still they've been good enough to stay in conference.

The answer then is Vanderbilt. From 1983-2003 they didn't have a single winning season, including several 1 win and 2 win seasons. Vandy's last two seasons appear to have been a mirage when projected against the backdrop of their historical futility.

So, to the many MSU fans out there, lo siento, it should have been Vandy not MSU I gave the boot to. As a concession here is a photo of my favorite MSU/Texas Rangers' Alumni:

Bet you thought I was going to be a douchebag
and put up a photo of Palmeiro didn't you?


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