Thursday, May 25, 2006

Busy Thursday

You're Killing Your Father Larry

I have entered a world of pain.

Too much for me to do today to write anything indepth. So light stuff today.

I'm working on something at home regarding Johnny's exquisitely written piece on Tony Boles. It sparked a response in me that I'm still working to articulate. Once its finished, I look forward to sharing it with you.

'Round the 'Sphere

Michigan Football finally has a home on the radio. Two actually. Michigan games will be simulcast on news-talk station CKLW-AM (800) and Detroit's WOMC-FM (104.3) for the next four years.

Kyle finished his great three part series on how not to kill your team's mascot.

For Brian, Dwayne Roloson is profiled by ESPN. In case you care, Oilers are up 3-0 on the Ducks in the Western Conference Finals. Sabres up 2-1 in the Eastern Conference finals.

From EDSBS, people in Ohio like libraries, but not for the books. Explains a lot.


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