Friday, May 19, 2006


Scottie Reynolds to Make Final Recruiting Visit to Ann Arbor

Well, maybe we're in this after all. Despite visiting at least four other top tier basketball programs, McDonald's All American Point Guard Scottie Reynolds has yet to make up his mind on where he wants to go to school. At this point six schools remain in the mix for the talented point guard, and one of them is Michigan.

Adding even more spice to jambalaya, Scottie announced that not only will he make his decision official next week, he also announced he's going to take his last recruiting trip this weekend to Ann Arbor. Both Scout and Rivals have confirmation of this. Rivals thought he was done after Nova. (HT: Cooper on MGoBlog's Comments)

Is it okay to get excited about this? The way things have gone for Michigan basketball recruiting I honestly have no clue. Legion's decommit followed by Beverly picking Arkansas seemed to take the wind out of all our sails. However, last week a (good) power forward we'd all written off commited out of the blue, and now this.

The fact that he decided to make this trip right before his announcement can only be taken as a good sign. I'll leave it at that.

Cross your fingers.

BTW, Out Till Tuesday

See you guys tuesday. I'll be in Boston 'till then.

Go Blue!


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