Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wednesday's Hearsay and Conjecture

Four Wolverines Named to All Big Ten Baseball Team

In addition to helping Michigan capture its first Big Ten Regular Season Crown since 1997, four members of Michigan's baseball team were named to the All Big Ten First Team. Catcher Jeff Kunkel, Outfielder Eric Rose, Pitcher Chris Fetter (fr.) and Pitcher Paul Hammond made the first team.

In addition, 1B Nate Recknagel (so.) and Pitcher Zach Putnam (fr.) were named All Big Ten Second Team, and 3B A.J. Scheidt and DH Adam Abraham (fr.) were named All Big Ten Third Team.

Three freshman getting All Big Ten honors is a heck of an accomplishment for the Maize n' Nine. What's even better is that it speaks to the strength of the program. The Fish will be filled to the gills on Thursday at 7pm, when Michigan opens its Tournament run. Michigan's hosting the Big Ten Tournament, so you can get all the info here.

We're Sorry For Kissing

Following up on one of the hotter stories to climax during the off-season, the Northwestern Women's Soccer Team issued a formal apology for their "hazing" incident which came to light last week. If you missed it, and you're a guy, picture in your 16 year-old-mind what you thought would happen at a women's soccer party. Then capture those moments forever on a digital camera and smear them all over the internet.

To quote from the Chicago Sun-Times:
About a dozen photos of the event depict women dressed only in T-shirts, underwear and knee-high socks. At least two women appear to be kissing each other. In some shots, the women are blindfolded with their hands tied behind their backs. Others appear to feature women doing "lap dances'' for men [members of the men's soccer team].
Yeah. That's what actually happened.

Internet shut-ins and comic book store owners continue to insist no apology was necessary. (Best internet photos ever. I would trade my issue of Spiderman No. 1, which has been kept in a protective mylar bag, thus enhancing its value, to have been there in person. If only to have been in the presence of a real woman.)

The incident has had some negative educational reverberations throughout the country. Several high school marching band and chess club members have failed to return to school since the photos of the incident hit the internet. As a result, these top of the class scholars have dropped for A averages to B's. Not only has this hurt their college admission chances, this top-of-the-curve grade shift has cost school districts millions as their average GPAs dipped below the No Child Left Behind standards.

See what you did girls? For shame.

Another Minor Milestone Passed

Over this past weekend Maize n Brew welcomed its 10,000th visitor. Wow. Just wanted to say thanks to Brian, Johnny, Kyle, and everyone else who has so graciously forwarded some of their readers my way.

And a special thanks to all of you who have made and continue to make Maize n Brew a part of your day.

In Other News

The Stadium: Jim Carty takes a swing at the Stadium renovation naysayers.

Scottie Reynolds: Reynolds told reporters that Tommy was "heartbroken" that Reynolds chose Nova over Michigan. Not necessarily the creepiest choice of words, but close. I'm in the process of prepping a basketball recruiting update. Up soon.

Your Mascot Sucks: Kyle is going to great lengths to tell everyone why their mascot cannot hang with Uga. As he details, it seems no one can keep their mascot from dying or doing something that endangers the lives of everyone around them. Very entertaining. Its a great way to kill an hour. I'm on record as a huge fan of Uga, however, any school that can keep a LIVE Bengal tiger on the sidelines gets my vote for coolest mascot.

I still remember a story from Texas along those lines. Back in the SWC days, Rice and Texas A&M played each other regularly. Rice's band is well known for its high jinks, and as it so happened the week before A&M football was to play Rice, the Corp of Cadets' beloved collie Reveille passed away. Mind you Reveille is A&M's defacto mascot. They actually bury their mascots facing the scoreboard in front of Kyle Field so, even in the doggy afterlife, they can keep tabs on the score. Perhaps more importantly, Reveille is also the highest ranking member of the Corp of Cadets at A&M.

Not Reveille, but you get the idea.

Back to the story. The Rice band gets wind of the fact Reveille passed. At half time of the game instead of a normal show, they march out, form a fire hydrant, play taps, and march off. Several members of the Corp of Cadets reportedly held band members at gun point until the police came to break it up.

This is a story from my youth in Texas, so I'm not entirely sure its true. But even if its not, its a good mascot story.

The Sad Story of Tony Boles: Johnny and Vijay both put together pieces on the life of former Michigan standout running back Tony Boles. Boles was profiled in an article by the Ann Arbor News a few weeks ago that nearly brought me to tears. Its a heart wrenching story of potential lost and a life that slowly but surely went awry. Excellent work by both men. I highly recommend reading them, its definitely some of Johnny's best work to date.

Football Recruiting Updates: Brian's got 'em. Go there.


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