Friday, June 02, 2006

Back From the Dead

I generally look forward to my mornings. I get in early, pound out a blog entry, and start my day afresh in a wash of productivity.

Over the last week, not so much.

While normally being a lawyer means helping South American drug cartels shield their assets from the government, assisting Heather Locklear with her fifth divorce, or telling your incredibly hot Assistant District Attorney that dammit it's your duty to enforce the law as written no matter the consequences, every now and then its just a fuckload of work.

You're here to do your job, Ms. Southerlyn!

I've been swamped. Sorry. But now that the month's over and my billables are more than covered, its blogging time.

The CWS Is Upon Us

Every June the College World Series rolls around and every June I inform my wife (then girlfriend) that once the tournament reaches Omaha she should make plans that don't include me. Play tennis, see your folks, take up kickboxing, whatever. As soon as Rosenblatt Stadium is filled for the games that matter, only trips I'll be making will be the ones to the the icebox and the door for the pizza man. Nothing else will get me out of my seat.

The pings, the horrendous fielding, the pitchers that couldn't find the plate with both hands and a GPS, and the 150 lbs shortstops who hit walk-off homers. I love it. All the drama of baseball, with a little extra uncertainty for good measure. In line with EDSBS and Kyle's recent blog ethics postings let me disclose this, I am a rabid Texas baseball fan. This goes back to my high school days in Texas practicing with former Longhorn Calvin Murray.

Back then I was just a kid, a lanky uncoordinated kid trying to make the JV. He was already on his way to Texas, a graduated senior. Still, he was nice to everyone. Even tried to help me with my swing. I didn't really know him, but I knew who he was. As a kid I felt I was looking up a man, when in fact he was just as young in the ways of the world as I. But there was still that sense of wonderment watching him practice, take his cuts, and field ground balls. You looked at someone do something the way you wished you could. That stuck with me. When he went to Texas I followed the games and slowly got hooked on the Horns (no pun, really). Since then, every year, I follow the Horns on their march through June.

However, should the Horns and my beloved Wolverines meet at any point, my sentimentality will go out the window. Its like a soft spot for an old girlfriend. Texas was that first big fling, and it left a pleasant aftertaste. It made me appreciate women, or baseball, even more. Later, however, I found my true mate in team and later in spirit. And that first fling can't hold a candle to my wife.

So sentimentally, I'll still root for the Horns through the CWS. But I'll be cheering the loudest for Michigan.

Speaking of which....

Michigan Wins 2006 Big Ten Baseball Tournament!

Not a bad season! On Sunday, May 28, 2006 the Wolverines beat the Minnesota Golden Gophers 9-4 to win the Big Ten Baseball Tournament at Fisher Stadium. After dropping its first Big Ten tournament game to the Gophers 6-2 Friday morning, the Wolverines stormed back reeling off four straight wins. The Maize and Blue beat Northwestern, Ohio State, and Minnesota twice to take home the title.

In doing so the Wolverines put six players on the All-Tournament team. First baseman Nate Recknagel, catcher Jeff Kunkel, Third baseman A.J. Scheidt, centerfielder Eric Rose, and Adam Abraham as both DH and Pitcher were honored as all-tournament selections. Abraham was also named the Big Ten Tournament Most Outstanding Player.

Michigan finished the regular season with a 42-19 mark, including winning both the Big Ten regular season and tournament crowns. Even so, the Maize and Blue received only a #3 seed in the College World Series. The Wolverines first opponent will be #2 Vanderbilt at 2pm (EST) today, down at Georgia Tech. Georgia Tech is the #1 seed in this bracket and will play #4 Stetson.

Not just stylish, but apparently good at baseball too

The Wolverines' seeding does not reflect their outstanding year and the quality opponents they beat. Michigan is 2-3 against the NCAA tournament field with wins over #2 seeds Notre Dame and Troy University and losses to South Alabama, UNC-Asheville and Winthrop.

The regional games will be a double elimination format, with the bracket winner advancing to the Super Regionals June 9-12. The NCAA bracket can be found here.

Go Blue!

He Can Do More Than Just Suck As A Coach

He can get us in trouble too. If the only thing that was saving Amaker from the recycling bin was the supposed fact that he was clean, well, that went out the window. The Diag is reporting that the NCAA is investigating Michigan for possible recruiting violations involving 2008 prospect Delvon Roe. Apparently one of Michigan's assistant coaches, as yet unnamed, sent a text message to Roe when he was still a freshman. That's against the rules.

It's really against the rules when you notice that Michigan IS STILL ON PROBATION! While normally this would be a minor infraction, you're not supposed to break ANY rules while you're on the type of probation Michigan is on. Remember that whole Ed Martin thing?

This is just plain old fashioned stupid.

Gotta love Tommy. Not only can he get your hopes up before the rug gets pulled out from under you, but he can violate your probation too.

I'm lighting torches and sharpening pitchforks as soon as this is done.


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