Friday, June 09, 2006

Quiet Fridays

Michigan Players Turn Out In Support of Mott

If you weren't in the Ann Arbor/Detroit vicinity yesterday you probably missed the radio-thon that was being broadcast on WKTA in support of Mott Children's Hospital. Lloyd and several past and present Michigan stars showed up to talk football all day and raise money for the new children's hopsital. While the original goal was simply to raise $10,000 for the center, Brian Griese alone matched that number and the radio call ins totalled over $40,000 dollars.

The past and present players that showed up or phoned in to raise money for the center were: Jeff Backus, Desmond Howard, Rod Payne, Andy Mignery, Brian Griese, Mike Hart, Kevin Grady, Chad Henne, Steve Breaston, Ryan Munday, and the entire Defensive Coaching Staff. (Massive HT: The Diag Blog)

Ron Payne tore Michigan a new one during his interview. My favorite part: "Michigan was soft, man, Michigan needs to get its head of their collective asses." (again, HT: The Diag). Sounds like he's been hanging with Joey.

If you still want to support Mott Children's Hospital but thought you missed out, there's another chance this weekend. The Third Annual Carr's Wash for Kids will take place outside Michigan Stadium this Saturday June 10 from 12:30 to 2:00pm. If you're around, show up, get your car washed, and donate some money to a great charity.

The Blogs, They Are a'Changing

I'm hoping over the weekend to make some updates to the ole' (not old) blog roll. It's my hope to be able to add a couple of fine blogs (that you should be reading, dammit) to the side bar along with some improvements to the site.

Since its Friday, and you're probably bored, here's what to do in order to counter any productive urges you may have:

1. Brian's Song: Mgoblog's gone World Cup Crazy. Seriously. Certifiable. His article in support/defense of "the other football"/soccer is a must read for any sports fan, whether you like soccer or not. He also kicks Sparty square in the jewels.

2. Just Good Writing: Johnny does a little square dancing on the Roundtable and reminds us why we loved to be young. On a side note though, shouldn't it be old farts like me that reminiss over stuff like that? I would if I could write like that.

3. Your Mascot Sucks: Nathan over at the Golden Tornado (G-Tech up this Biatch!) is tired of all this discussion involving X's and O's, strengths and weaknesses. He went right to the heart of the matter in determining whether your school sucks or doesn't suck. If you want to know, look at your mascot. He's taken a look at the ACC, the SEC and Big Ten. Michigan gets an incomplete. But rest assured, had there been a live wolverine on the sidelines, the "best mascot ever" tag would apply.

4. More Cup in Your Face: If you can't get enough of the Cup (heh heh), Kanu has EVERYTHING you could possibly want to know about soccer and the World Cup. Dodgy at Best is your World Cup home. Cup or not, I'm still rooting for Ireland.

Small aside. Years ago some buddies and I were drinking heavily and watching the World Cup finals. In a moment of shear stupidity one of my friends blurts out "That has to be the most recognizable cup in the world." Without missing a beat, another buddy turned and said "Hence the name." Good times.

5. Dawgin It: Kyle's been at it again. Now he's taking on the College Footbal Resource over their assessment of his beloved Bulldogs. Highly enteraining stuff.

6. Read Me: Check out Sean's outstanding OSU blog The-614. There's another great Michigan addition, Stadium and Main (which should have been up long ago).

7. Maize n Brew mentioned on ESPN: Well, not really. But a reader posted a link to my piece in support of afternoon games at Michigan Stadium on one of their forums. Thanks to the reader who posted the link and said nice things about it. A Maize n Brew cheese plate is on its way.

8. Pay Per View: The M Zone took a post or two off from their usually hilarity to talk about something a little more on the serious side. Net Neutrality. The basic idea is that the net treats all information equally within its bandwith. So EDSBS and ESPN and that annoying Nissan pop up ad all fight equally for the same travel space on the web. What is apparently going on in certain corners of Congress is a few of the major phone/ISP companies are arguing they should be allowed to charge for larger applications that eat up bandwith. While it seems somewhat benign, it does have the potential to spread into a whole new host of fees and charges on top of what you're already paying in ISP costs. As further proof Congress needs to be completely cleaned out this November, the House passed the phone company's telecom bill late last night.

Having worked in and with Congress for a number of years, I'd be surprised if this money grab by the phone companies survives the Senate. The House, more often than not, acts like the annoying kid at the supermarket who throws everything whithin its reach into the cart or onto the floor leaving it up to the Senate to clean up their mess. (Guess which side I worked on). I'm sure there will be a debate. I'm sure there will be a host of lobbyists who come in and say hello to the committee members and staffers. And at the end of the day, I sure this thing will die a slow death in committee or on the Senate floor. The phone companies don't have the votes to push this thing through. If you want more information go to:


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