Friday, July 21, 2006

Friday's Hearsay and Conjecture

Up to my eyeballs in work and attempting to get my Notre Dame preview done I neglected my blogging duties yesterday. So be it. I should have Notre Dame and Wisconsin done this weekend. Then (hopefully) the Minnesota and Michigan State previews should follow suit.

A quick look around the sphere:

Do You Have What It Takes?

The Detroit News put together a 3 pros/3 cons on why Michigan and Michigan State will/will not win the Big Ten. Nothing earth shattering, but worth a read on a slow friday.

I Hate You

Brian is passing the off season time by counting down the 50 Loathsome People In Sports. The first installment is 50-41. High quality.

A Quick Look At The Offensive Line, Today and Tomorrow

GBW has a brief look at the depth chart for this year's O-line and a look at who we're pursuing.

And He's Doing This With One Hip

Floyd Landis is only 30 seconds behind the leaders at the Tour de France. Why is this a big deal? Re-read the caption above. Its also a big deal because two stages ago he basically collapsed, going from a 2 minute lead at the start and finishing the stage down over 8 minutes. 8 minutes in ANY race is a lot of time and is generally seen as an insurmountable time period.

Landis, who will have one of his hips replaced after the Tour, said screw it and went for broke. He absolutely dominated the Tour's 17th stage, a horrific mountanous climb through the Alps where the inclines are steep enough that if you rolled a penny down the slope, by the time it hit the bottom it would've broken the sound barrier. He made back nearly every second he lost and managed not only to earn the respect of the cycling French, but have his performance dubbed "The greatest stage I have ever followed" by the director of the Tour.

Landis now stands ready to retake the lead during Saturday's time trials, a stage where he is widely considered to be significantly faster than his main rivals. If he takes the time trials, barring some unforseen accident, Landis could pedal away with the 8th straight American victory in Le Tour.

That's pretty impressive. But no where near as impressive as doing all that with one functional hip.


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