Monday, July 10, 2006

Monday's Hearsay and Conjecture

Horton Signs Free Agent Deal With Miami, Proves I Know Nothing

Less than a weekend passes from my prognostication that Horton would not sign with the Heat to Horton actually signing with the Heat.

I'm buying new tarrot cards as a result.

The Diag is reporting that Horton finally signed his contract with the Heat on Sunday. The official Michigan release can be found here. The Heat's official release can be found here. No word on whether or not the money on the contract is guaranteed.

Horton's signing, along with the signings of Guards Mike Gansey, Chris Quinn and Vincent Grier (Minnesota), crowds the Heat's backcourt considerably for their summer sessions. Even so, the Heat are in real need of backcourt help. Gary Payton is a free agent who is expected to be gone and Derek Anderson ain't getting any younger. With Miami trying to find viable backups to Dwayne Wade and Jason Williams its possible the Heat could elect to keep 1 or 2 of their summer signees.

A weak/empty backcourt (other than Wade) bodes well for Horton's chances of sticking with Miami. However, he's going to have to prove he belongs during the summer league.


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