Monday, July 17, 2006

Rough Mornings Usually Follow Good Nights

Or at least good weekends.

CMU Preview Up Later Today

Blogger ate about an hour of work on my CMU preview yesterday, including several fine jokes and lots of hopeless speculation. Undeterred, I plugged back in and should have the second of my 13 part series up this afternoon. Here's a preview of the preview: They're good this year.

Burn, Auburn, Burn

The directed reading scandal at Auburn continues to garner heaps of commentary on all sides of the argument.

For those who don't particularly care for Auburn, here's your fix. Kyle wants to give Auburn the death penalty. The Georgia Sports Blog threw a little gasoline on the fire. Roll Bama Roll also lit a Molotov and lobbed it over the fence for good measure.

Former Auburn players told Sports Illustrated they never received any preferential treatment. In fact, former Tiger Travis Williams is madder than hell about the accusations. He told the Opelika-Auburn News that he earned his degree in criminology through hard work and studying, not through favors from the department. Williams also rightfully pointed out that three of the quoted players in the New York Times article, Carnell Williams, Carlos Rogers and Doug Langenfeld never finished their degrees. Williams also took exception to Vanderbilt chancellor Gordon Gee who told the NY Times that Auburn's academic performance rate (which was higher than Vanderbilt's) "surprising." Williams' response was to the point, "If Vanderbilt worked as hard as us, maybe they’d be doing as well as us.” Strong words. But if anyone tried to diminish either of my degrees I'd be pretty angry too.

In the middle, Brian broke it down brick by brick. Braves n Birds looks at it from a historical perspective. Bruins Nation used it as a chance to take look at the SEC's history with these kinds of violations, as well as tak a shot at USC. MZone was, well, MZone about it.

Whether the story ends as a tale of professional jealousy or as a grades-to-play scandal on par with the City of Chicago's hiring scandal, everyone interested in college football is talking about it. Links a plenty for your reading enjoyment.

BTW, a gigantic thank you to the good folks at The New York Times who actually linked my write up on the Auburn story to their on-line original. Humbled, I wish I'd written somthing a little less sarcastic.

Jason Avant Officially an Eagle

Jason Avant's professional career has officially begun. Avant came to terms with the Eagles on a 4-year deal. Avant will wear the Eagles' No. 81, formerly the property of one Terrell Owens. I look forward to Jason bringing back some class not only to his number, but to Philly Wideouts in general.

Another Michigan De-Commit, In Hockey This time

Yost Built and MGoBlog are reporting Uber-recruit Trevor Lewis signed with the LA Kings last week. The anger is palpable. So much for a top center joining this year's class. Lewis is the first big name Michigan player to jump this year (however, he really wasn't a Michigan player yet, so maybe I'm getting ahead of myself). The Ann Arbor News has all the info.

Birthday Boy

Kyle on Football/DawgSports celebrated its one year aniversary. Congrats to Kyle on a marvelous first year, and success in the many years to come.


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