Monday, August 21, 2006

A Busy Monday Hearsay and Conjecture

Due to several deadlines and an angry judge I'm not going to have as much time as I would like to expand upon MSU, who hates Michigan today, the fact that Drew Sharp still sucks, and other fun topics.

In lieu of actual content enjoy Woodson's 1997 one handed INT versus MSU.

It was after this interception that I began yelling over the top of Spartan Stadium "Come Back, we're not done kicking your ass yet!" to exiting Spartan fans.

Please also note in the background of Woodson's interception that the MSU receiver got pile driven into the turf the second Woodson's had touched the ball. Gotta love rivalry games.

Also of Note:

Sean over at Michigan Sports Center has an outstanding interview with Jim Carty. He takes it to Carty on his "gutless" and "donut" comments. Excellent work.

Johnny says thanks, but no thanks to the idea of Leon Hall returning kicks. Allow me to LOUDLY second that motion.

Michigan is ranked 14 in the AP and 15 in the Coaches. The Esteemed BlogPoll has Michigan 14th. That's what we do at the BlogPoll. We take chances and go against the norm.

Michigan picked up another commitment. Say hello to Marquis Maze. iBlogforCookies, MGoBlog, and RBUAS have all your details.

Sunday Morning Quarterback has challenged Kyle to a debate regarding Bowls versus Playoffs. Oh, it's on. And for the record, SMQ is wrong. Playoffs, when 119 teams are involved, are not the answer. Bowls 4-ev-ah, baby.

The boys over at MZone have seconded my pronouncement that West Virginia is the most overrated member of the current polls. Should they be crowned national champion this year, a couch will burn in Chicago.

If you haven't been reading this, you should. Blah Me To Death has been doing a position by position breakdown of this year's Michigan squad. Today, the corners. High quality stuff, definitely worth a read.

Finally, there is a new Ohio State/Cleveland sports blog for all your Buckeye state info needs, Pfef's Sports Blog. He also fills us in on some interesting QB happenings in Columbus. Apparently back-up Justin Zwick left friday's scrimage with some sort of shoulder injury. If he's out for any extended period of time that's BAD news for the Buckeyes. Going from a starter and an experienced backup to only a starter is cause for much consternation. Check out his site when you get a chance.


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