Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Those Last Vile Days

This is killing me.


Blood Pressure Up. I'm easily agitated. I'm eating everything in sight. When I wake up, I vomit. Then I cry uncontrollably. I lash out at those closest to me. I beat a man unconscious with his own cellphone for cutting me in line at Dunkin Donuts yesterday.

I simply can't take it anymore.

Nine days stand between me and the start of the Michigan football season. Nine days of suffering before we are all released from this purgatory.

Others are losing it too. They need help as much as I do. Rivals has run out of content and is now looking at the best No. 2 receivers (Manningham checks in as the No.1 No.2, wait... what?). Orson, inbetween bouts of binge drinking, is talking about the University of Buffalo. The Free Press and Detroit News don't have a single thing to talk about today. It's so bad I actually care that Northwestern will start red-shirt QB Mike Kafka this year following an injury to C.J. Bacher.

Hell, the pressure's getting to the coaches and players. You're the QB. No, you are. Screw you I'm transferring. Honest players can't even receive piles of money from sketchy car dealership owning boosters work at car dealerships anymore. Players are so tense their bones are breaking (leg bones, and only in East Lansing. Hope he gets better soon). East Coast Playas are turning into West Coast Playas(West Los Angeles College that is).

Mira, Kemo! Aren't you proud? I'm the first one here.
What's cal-Ku-lus?

Scout's completely out of things to talk about. They're running a story on the top 50 basketball players for 2008! (Just so you know, Michigan isn't listed on a single Center in the class. Damn you Amaker.)

The Ann Arbor News does have some non-fluff related material that I didn't get to yesterday. Thank God.

At this point Michigan is still looking for a #3 receiver to step up and take the position. Pre-season bets were on Arrington, but the fact that he hasn't taken it by force tells me one of two things: 1) There is just too much competition and Greg Matthews has become and OGM stud overnight (which I hope is true); or 2) No one's impressed enough to get the nod (which is most likely true).

It looks like the Offensive Line is set. The big question mark at Right Tackle/Guard may have been answered by Kolodziej injury. Because Rueben Riley played tackle last year he's been handed the tackle position and red-shirt sophomore Alex Mitchell gets the nod at right guard. Mitchell is a BIG kid at 311. Supposedly one of the targets in the "get trim" campaign, if he's moving better than last year he should be more than serviceable at the guard spot. Count on some center help from time to time till he's comfortable. Riley's played Tackle before so he's no stranger to the position. Still he's a more natural guard and may have some troubles with quicker DEs. We're still waiting on word regarding Kolodziej's injury.

There are rumblings over who will be the third string running-back, but at this point with Hart and Grady, anyone else is gravy.

At Safety Jamar Adams put in the down payment, signed the contracts, and now owns the Free Safety spot. Go near him at your peril. At free safety the competition has boiled down to Brandent Englemon and Ryan Mundy. Having sat with Mundy's father at the 2002 Notre Dame game (totally randomly), I'm pulling for him. Plus, I think he's better than he played two years ago.

Zoltan may take over the punting duties. Brian is ecstatic. He's made shirts.

Finally, the most recent Boll Poll Roundtable Roundup has been posted at The House Rock Built. There is some really funny stuff in there. Go there and read it. It will make you less sad that football season is still nine days away.


At 10:53 AM, Anonymous the walrus said...

It's the beginning of the blogosphere t-shirt wars I tell you.

You are now obligated to make your own t-shirt store, beginning with a green tee with a golden toilet on it.

At 9:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

About that top 50's not entirely accurate, as we are in on Frease.

At 9:35 AM, Blogger Maize n Brew Dave said...

Good call on Frease. Kid looks like a monster.

Could be tricky to pick him up though. If Oden jumps to the pros after two years, there's a sport for him at OSU. We'll see if interest picks up.


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