Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday's Hearsay and Conjecture

Long Thinking Outside the Bun

Jake Long and I have something in common. Not the 6' 7" or 300 plus pound thing. He's got three inches on me and over 100lbs. We both love the 'Bell.

Loving the 'Bell has its consequences though, as in enough fat to cover Western Canada in ooozy goodness. I had to give up taco Bell when I got married. My wife has this thing about me sticking around a while. Long had to give it up for health reasons too. Specifically his knees.

After getting his leg rolled early last year, the coaching staff took Long to task on his eating habits and got him to focus in on the nutritional side of his training. Now, Long is down to 316 (from 338) stronger, faster, and yes, hungrier.

The coaching staff rewarded Long by moving him over to left tackle, protecting Henne's blind side. As an added benefit, Long is left handed, so the switch was fairly easy for him to make.The thought is a leaner quickerLong at Left Tackle will secure the team's 2006 season. Taken on talent alone, it was probably a good guess. Taken with his off-season dedication, now its a solid bet.

Even so, I don't know what the coaching staff was so up in arms about. In the future all restaurants will be Taco Bell.

I'll give you a Chalupa, Huxley

The Coolest Thing Ever

In case you haven't seen the flyers or the emails, the 1996 National Championship Hockey Team will be at Yost for an Alumni game tomorrow, August 4, 2006. This year marks the 10 year anniversary of the 1996 Championship, and "The Goal". If you're in town and can go, I hate you. I desperately wish I could make it. It looks like everyone will bein town. Botterill, Morrison, Legg, the whole crew. There will be a couple of different scrimmages concluding with the 35-under alumni v. the 1996 team. Someone go. Please. Take photos so I can put them up here. I'm begging.

Two Running Backs Looking To Turn the Corner

The Detroit News took a peak in the Michigan backfield and like what they saw. There were two backs in particular that stood a great change of turning the corner this year. The first is Michigan's top back, Michael Hart. Hart is taking the fact he wasn't named as one of the nations top backs personally.

"If we have (a good) year, I will be the top back -- one of the top backs in the country," Hart said. "I'm just a great all-around back. I can do everything. I have a lot of things I can improve on, but I think I'm one of the best all-around backs in the country right now."

That's awful arrogant considering the company you're in.


I like that in a Running Back.

That's right Bitch. I'm better than you.

Again. I wish I had photoshop. Anyway, Hart continues to maintain his offseason regime has left him healthier, bendier, and more capable than he was as a freshman. The thought of a pissed off Mike Hart with something to prove makes me all tingly. And it should strike fear into Michigan's opponents. With a healthy offensive line Hart could end up the Big Ten Player of the Year.

The second back is Freshman Carlos Brown. Not for injury reasons, but simply because he is blazingly fast. While the title of team's fastest man rests on the mantle of CB Morgan Trent (with a name like that should have an alter ego that fights crime at night), the consensus is, if Brown gets to the corner you're not going to catch him. Brown's key will be to let the play develop and not outrun his blockers. But man, once he hits the open field its going to be fun to watch. Brown could develop into Michigan's first pure speed back in over ten years. This I'm excited about.

An Artist's Rendering of Carlos Brown

How's Michigan Doin' At The Other Positions?

The Ann Arbor News has your answers. Position battles and Carr's media day quotes of note.

Hilarity To Continue Uninterupted, EDSBS Reaches Goal

EDSBS met their goal, and then some. A server will be purchased and their football coverage will continue on. Huzahs all around.

Another Minor Milestone Reached

At some point on Sunday, Maize n Brew welcomed its 20,000th visitor. I wish I could say I knew when and who, but I don't. All I can say is thanks to everyone who visits this little labor of love and likes it enough to come back. Special thanks to Brian and Kyle for all the links and for showing the rest of us how its done.

Fixing Up The Old Girl

Some friends bought a few things to my attention regarding the site recently.

1) "What the hell happened to my comments? I flayed your sorry ass and you erased it, you chicken-sh** yella bastard"

Honestly, I had no idea. Maize n Brew welcomes dissent. It is how the proletariat will rise up against its capitalist overlords and unite our world under communist rule. At that point, dissent will no longer be tolerated. But that's neither here nor there.

Someone once said Democracy is the worst form of government.
Except for all the other ones.

It wasn't until I talked with two buddies from Notre Dame (yes Domers, I have friends there) that I realized comments weren't making it up. I tried to do a redesign on the site a while back and failed miserably. The unwanted, and unknown offspring of that angry release was the failed comment section. Thankfully, this is a mess that I could clean up without a lawyer and posting a comment is no longer verboten. In fact they are welcome, Comrades!

2) "God Damn your site looks lame. Is it ever going to, you know, not suck?"

Working on it. Helmut Jang is doing a total redesign of Maize n Brew World HQ. Once complete, I'll turn my attention to the site's visual appearance.

Hopefully soon. I'm attempting to bribe a buddy who's a photoshop wiz to put together a kickass banner and some other stuff. By Football season, this site should be money. Cash Money.

3) "Where's the Wisconsin Preview?"

Tomorrow. Promise.


At 1:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Started reading last week, and I just gotta say: YOU RULE and GO BLUE

At 3:30 PM, Anonymous The Brother said...

About time.

Oh, and hey fucker, I got fucking Photoshop. Try to let me know what the fuck you want, fucking fuck fucker.

At 3:37 PM, Blogger Maize n Brew Dave said...

Excellent. A new record for dropping the f-bomb on my site. Great work.

At 4:36 PM, Anonymous the Brother said...

I'm an overachiever like that. Anything I can do to give back to my morning ritual, I'm more than happy to do so.

In any case, good use of the Demolition Man reference.


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