Thursday, August 10, 2006

Thursday's Hearsay and Conjecture

Scout Releases Its 2007 Top 100 Basketball Rankings

And for once, there's good news. It's been a little while since I provided a basketball update, so here goes. Scout put up its Top 100 for the 2007 class and Michigan features two members of the Top 40. Alex Legion's free-fall finally seems to have leveled out, and he checks in at the #33 spot. The Guy who got it all going for Michigan, Corperryale "Manny" Harris continues his assault on the top 25 by checking in at #39.

Michigan's other 2007 Class member PG Kelvin Grady was not listed in the top 100, but as a somewhat undersized 3*, it's not much of a surprise. However, what Grady lacks in size he has more than made up for in effort and quickness.

Rival's released their top 150 about a week ago when I was swamped. Sorry I didn't get this up earlier. Manny Harris shows up first at #36 and Alex Legion checks in at #38. Interestingly, Michigan has as many commits in the top 40 as Michigan State. How 'bout them apples? However, MSU does have one other commit in the top 60 but it's still impressive that two of Michigan's commits rank higher than 2/3's of MSU's class.

There is still a chance that Tommy could "borrow" a scholarship against the 2008 season and go after a big man, something this team desperately needs, but that scenario is a little far off. A three player class with the skill level that these young men have is something to be applauded.

Since Lists Are All The Rage These Days

Rivals, not to be outdone, ranked the top 25 starting quarterbacks in college football this year. To no one's surprise, Golden Domer Brady Quinn sat grinning stupidly at the top of the QB list. However, directly under him were #2 Troy Smith (OSU), #3 Chad Henne (Michigan), and #4 Drew Stanton (MSU). Also making list were Drew Tate (Iowa) and John Stocco (UW) who checked in at #12 and #18 respectively.

Henne coming in at #3 is probably about right. Personally, I rate him a much better quarterback than Smith but won/loss records do count for something. While he may seem like John Navarre re-incarnate to some people, he is not the just the "Latest Lanky White Guy Michigan QB", he is the fasted Michigan QB to reach the 5,000 yard plateau and in two years already ranks third in school history in career pass attempts (781) and completions (463). For you numbers people that's a 59.3% completion percentage.

Henne threw for 2,526 yards, 23 TDs and 8 INTs last year behind a line made out of turtle wax and popsicle sticks. He also did it without a running game and a offensive play set that everybody knew (scroll down to aftermath).

If the line is healthy and the DeBord offensive changes are real, look for Henne to go absolutely nuts this year. I think he will. And I'm looking forward to saying, "Man, I knew he was something special when he played at Michigan."

Time Machine

Vijay, that is unreal. I don't know where you found this stuff but its gold. People should send you money and fruit baskets for your work. iBlogforCookies dug up photos and video from the early 1900's of Michigan's early football years. You've got to check it out. It includes photos of Ferry Field and the beginnings of Michigan Stadium. "Action" shots and actual game photos that date back to 1903 or earlier.

You'll lose hours just looking staring glassy-eyed at the photos wondering how far the sport and society have come. However, you will notice that the press box hasn't changed a bit.

It's Mundy Again

Ryan Mundy is back. Before the start of last season Ryan Mundy thought he'd screwed up his shoulder. Unfortunately it was much worse than that. Mundy had actually damaged a nerve connected with his shoulder and spent all of last season recouping from the injury. Now he's back and returning to the safety slot he occupied two seasons ago. Whether this is good or bad is anyone's guess. But Mundy was an All-State Pennsylvania stand out before signing with Michigan, and at 6'1", 212 with some wheels, he adds even more depth to a crowded Michigan defensive backfield.

Football Recruiting News

Orchard Lake, Michigan HS WR prospect Taurian Washington has announced on August 15 he'll make his college choice known. You may remember Washington has "committed" to OSU before only to refute his "commitment". I have no clue what he's gonna do.

Another Michigan WR target Junior Hemmingway has narrowed his choices to six and will announce on August 25th. Hemmingway has narrowed his schools to Michigan, Notre Dame, South Carolina, Ohio State, Florida and Florida State. At this point we should be the favorites with home state South Carolina and its crazy visor wearing coach as our chief competition.

Things (Not) To Do In Columbus When You're Unemployed

The news keeps getting worse for Maurice Clarett and OSU. First, Clarett's bail was set at $5 million dollars following his arrest two nights ago. You can actually follow that link to video of the poor kid's arrest. I said it yesterday and I'll say it again now, I can't find any of this funny anymore. It's just sad.

Second, OSU suspended its starting TE Marcel Frost for the year for "violating team rules". Cheatypants offered no explanation, but if you get suspended for a year on that team you must've done something really, really stupid.

And He Doesn't Even Go to OSU

Harvard QB Liam O'Hagan was suspended five games for pulling a Buckeye as well. O'Hagan's suspension for violating team rules makes him the second member of the Crimson to be suspended this off-season. Starting LB and team captain Matt Thomas was suspended indefinitely last month after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

Two things that surprised me: 1) They let Irish people into Harvard now? Man, times have changed. 2) What the hell did he do? It's Harvard! I've been through that hellhole. There is nothing to do on campus besides quadratic equations, power drink and look at ugly people. There are no boosters for Harvard football. Unless he went on a bender at the bridge club meeting, how do you get suspended there? (Yes, I'm aware Harvard is in Boston and there's plenty to do. However, my stereotypical half-assed comments were directed at the school thank you.)

$18,000 Without Working at a Dealership

I'm with Bruins Nation on this one. The NCAA reinstated USC WR Dwayne Jarrett yesterday despite the fact that he took in over $18,000 in free rent last year. The ruling stated that Jarrett had to pay $5,352 to a charity of his choice as a penance. This is the crux of the decision:

"The NCAA is requiring him to give to charity the full value of his $960 monthly housing stipend, minus what he already paid in rent, plus half the cost of utilities for the time he lived in the apartment."
"[This decision] provides a student-friendly decision that allows him to compete without missing any games"

For the record Jarrett paid $650 a month to live in a $3,866 a month apartment with Matt Lienart. He did not chip in on utilities or the "hookers and blow fund" either.

Jarrett won't miss a game. Whereas UCLA All-American Donnie Edwards was suspended a game by NCAA for taking $200 bucks in groceries a few years back. If $200 bucks costs you a game, then Jarrett needs to sit for 26 games and one half of the 27th. This ruling is a joke. I bet Stoops is kicking himself for booting Bomar right about now.

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