Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We Now Resume Your Regularly Scheduled Blogging...

Where the Hell Have You Been, Jackass?

Buried. Chopped up and thrown into the lake, Sopranos style. Massive amounts of large client centered work have consumed virtually all of my time. Returning from work at 10pm, only to wake at 6 and do it again has not left much time for my family, let alone Maize n Brew.

However, the pin prick of light in the distance has finally grown into an exit from this hellish tunnel and I have returned to get you up to date.

Where's the Wisconsin preview?

Tomorrow or Thursday. If you have questions, please see above.

Recruiting Board

iBlogforCookies has done it again. He's chronicled it all. Here's the latest on Ryan Mallet's Elite 11 performance and the updated recruiting board. So goddamn cool.

Speaking of Michigan Football

While his rap career didn't exactly go platinum, he is pulling a B.I.G. by coming back from the dead. Jerome Jackson has apparently been let back onto the team according to the Diag. Though JJ didn't participate in spring drills, his return is welcome in that it provides added depth to the backfield. While it ain't Skeete, Skeete, Skeet!, Jackson's return will raise an eyebrow or two.

In addition, Rivals has the low down on all the incoming crowd's new jersey numbers and the fact that Michigan (football, not hockey) has managed to make it through the off-season in decent shape.

Viva Las Vegas

MGoBlog's Brian is enjoying a little less conversation, a little more action. Most of you reading this already know, but for those that don't Brian won his way into the World Series of Poker this year and has made it to day two of the tournament. At last check he was only 1,000 chips behind Phil Ivey in the day two chip count. Not bad.

A blog-wide Vegas pants party must be in the works should Brian make the main event. Ante up boys, Brian needs that trip to the Bunny Rabbit Ranch to [pick one] celebrate/drown his sorrows.

Irish Eyes a Smilin'

The good folks at Blue-Gray Sky are up to all kinds of good stuff. They've previewed the quarterbacks, running backs, and now receivers the Irish will face this year. They're rating Michigan the toughest running backs and third toughest QB and WRs they'll see this year. As a solid homer, and having seen Stanton play the last few years, Henne's better than him. But if I'd seen Chad cough up two straight games against my team I'd rate him lower than the guy that keeps beating me. As always, excellent work.

Just so you know, Kyle hates Notre Dame.

Media Picks Michigan to Finish Second, in Big Ten

The Big 11 Ten conference has voted and foretold the future. Michigan will finish second in the Big 11 Ten.

Chris Webber is Still a Deuchbag

Webber talked to the Free Press. Here's the link.

Four Miami Players Suspended

Nothing is going right at the U. Firearms. Getting shot in the ass. Willie Williams. And just think (real) hurricane season is just around the corner. Running back Tyrone Moss, receiver Ryan Moore, linebacker James Bryant and receiver Rashaun Jone were suspended for the Sept. 4 season opener against Florida State for violating team policy. The reasons were not disclosed. I can only pray that Michael Irvin is somehow connected. Moore will miss the season's second game too, and was suspended prior to the team's melt down in the Peach Bowl.

I'll give Coker this. He obviously means something if he's willing to go without Moss during the FSU game. Only problem I have with the suspensions, everyone can still practice with the team. Way to stand on principle...

More in the morning.


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