Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wednesday's Hearsay and Conjecture

Give EDSBS Money or I'll Club This Baby Seal...

and turn his pelt into a set of fuzzy slippers. As you probably know Orson and Stranko work tirelessly over at Every Day Should Be Saturday to inform, amuse and horrify us. They do so for free. They are also part of the reason so many of us took to the keyboard to bore the crap out of readers like you. Without their tireless work and sense of humor, so many of us that suck at this would never have tried to emulate them. (Wait, this is getting off track. I'm supposed to be helping.)

Anyway, EDSBS has grown a little too big for its britches. Their massive lode (heh, heh... lode) of incoming traffic has managed to swamp their shared server and piss off the people who own it. To wit, EDSBS is holding a fundraising drive to locate a dedicated server and keep their hilarity on the web. If you haven't done so, please visit their site and click the "Make a Donation" button, and, well, actually make a donation. These guys make all our days a little funnier, it'd be nice to give something back.

Just remember if you don't I'm taking "fluffy" to batting practice.

Sad Day For The Bog Poll, Brian Out of WSOP

MGoBlog poster Mr. Bad delivered the bad news. Brian is coming home. But he's not coming home empty handed. He earned the respect of big money pros like Annie Duke and admiration from around the 'sphere.

This flat out sucks. In that fateful hand Brian was dealt AA. Like a man should he ponies up and has a taker. Flop, 7-7-K. Two pair and the highest pair is in his hand. All in. The jackass on the other side went in on 7-10. Unreal. The cards are cruel. I'm sure Brian will tell it much better than I can relate from the Poker Wrap-up, but wanted to keep everyone informed.

Great job Brian. If the Vegas wrap-up is anything like the initial breakdown, we'll all be sitting on the edge of our seats waiting for it.

Bass's Injury May Be Much Worse Than First Thought

Bad news coming out of Ann Arbor today. Antonio Bass, who banged up his knee in spring practice is undergoing surgery on it. Unfortunately, it looks like the damage was much worse than initially estimated. The Diag is asking the question, is this bad enough that he may never paly again?

I feel horrible for the kid. I know what its like to tear yourself up and go under the knife. Being a Michigan Athlete I'm sure he'll have the best care possible. Thoughts and prayers go your way Antonio. Get well soon.

Forcier Named Henne's Back-Up and Other News

One of Michigan's big questions going into this season is who will back-up Chad Henne. Carr answered that question stating the Jason Forcier will back up Henne and Incoming Frosh David Cone will be third on the depth chart.

A Perfect Game, 194 Wins, and a fist full of World Series Rings
and He's Thirdon the Depth Chart?

Carr also commented for the first time on his role in the recent firing of visually challenged referee James Filson. Carr said he didn't call to get the guy fired and that the only purpose of his phone call to the Big 11 Ten was to pass on information.

Riggggggggght. You had no idea what was going to happen. Still, one socket, you're kind of at a disadvantage. Even if he did call with the intent, it's the right thing to do.

The ND Hype Machine Reaches Ludicrous Speed

Sunday Morning Quarterback has already previewed the Irish. Now he is contributing to their overwhelming pile of pre-season hype. To be fair, he was asked to contribute to the annual "Here Come The Irish" season preview which is roughly the size of the Britannica collection you had as a kid. They do this yearly. Much like Lone Star disagreed with Dark Helmet, I have taken a contrarian view of Notre Dame.

The rest of us being passed by the ND Hype Machine

Hopefully, this piddly little leaflet will pale in comparison to the rain-forest levelingUniversity of Michigan Football 2006 Media Guide which is due out in two weeks. God, I can't wait.

Northwestern Prepares For A Season In The Wake Of Tragedy

Ivan Maisel of ESPN put together a great piece on new NU head Coach Pat Fitzgerald. A must read.


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