Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wednesday's Hearsay and Conjecture: Locked and Loaded

Maurice, Now Would Be A Good Time To Stop

In case you missed it last night. Maurice Clarett was arrested, again, last night. He was arrested for speeding. Driving on the wrong side of the highway. Leading police on a high speed chase. Resisting arrest. And carrying four loaded weapons in his car.

It all started last night in Columbus when Maurice made an illegal U-Turn. The police turned on their flashers and Clarett sped off. He jumped the median and was only stopped when he drove over a set of road spikes. Police tried to taser the former Buckeye, but with no effect. Not because he was strong enough to be resistant to the taser, but because he was wearing a bullet proof vest. They finally wrestled Clarett to the ground, subduing him with mace and chucking him into the back of a police van. Upon inspection of the car they found three loaded handguns and a loaded rifle. The police have passed the weapons on the the ATF for tracing.

Clarett is already awaiting trial on two counts of aggravated robbery, four counts of robbery and one count of carrying a concealed weapon from a prior arrest. What scares me the most is wondering what the hell he was doing with that cache of firearms and vest. What might he have done if he hadn't been stopped? With the guns going to the feds for inspection and his "attire" at the time of arrest, you can only assume things are going to get worse for him.

While part of me finds this amusing, another larger part of me feels sick to my stomach that this is what has become of him. I hope someday he is able to salvage some inner peace and what remains of his life. Until then I hope his story serves as an example of everything that can, and does go wrong with collegiate athletics.


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