Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Actual Game Notes From UM/MD

Today has been insane and will continue to get worse. Even so I wanted to put up one more thing on Michigan's triumph in South Bend.

One of the benefits of my occupation is the fun little toys you get. One of them is my Treo. I brought it along with me to South Bend and used it, ad nauseum, for purposes of documenting the game. Below are my notes from the game. Mostly play by play. Some things are obviously missing and some things may not be totally accurate as I was not watching on TV, but here are the notes that helped capture the experience. There's a lot more swearing in these notes than I've ever used here, so take note parents!

Looking through the notes its apparent I wasn't too thrilled with our performance until half way through the 1st quarter. My mood quickly changed to shock and awe. Enjoy. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go ice my thumbs.


Kckoff to ND
Deep route nothinbg 43

Holy sht did that just happen? Burgess! Speechlezss
Everyone like whaaaaaaaa?
No idea what the f just happened.
Kick off. Holding @ 11

14 starting cb

Inc by qn
woodley in back field crable on stop

Inc hall on cov good cov. Bit first. rcvrd. no bite

Punt, breaston to 50

hart for 4. Nothing on 2nd.

Henne coughs up a td int. Yoy've gotta be kidding me. Worst throw
ever. What the hell is going on? Its like bizzaro world.

TD ND. What the f just happened. Bad news for um


Check off dum ass (henne - ed), man in singl cov

Sack. Bad bad news. Mich looks scared they're getting away for wht made them suc. Badbad punt.

Bizzaro world
mich looks like sht
dmn you lld

Nd @ 40

Run rt. 5 yrds. Wlkr
Midl wlkr nothng mid
Qn bd thr. 4th

Mich @ 20
Nthg. Hart
Crn pass lft, mch 3 d bad thrw
1d henne keeper. 1st 1 d of game

New math bitches! Man for 50 yard td. Pa blocked. Henne doesnt suk
aftr all. Rivas i ht u

Fmb on kckoff! mrgn trnt on kickoff rcvry!

Pass to 40 rt sid. 9 yds. Hart fr 4. mch @ 8. Hrt lss to 10. 1 dn
dfns. Offsds. Man inf. 1 dnw mch.hfl dist. Hrt ovr top TD! Mdl.

Kck. Tckl @ 14. Hlf dist gl hld. @7. Dw fr 4. Lft. Dw to mid. 1 yd to go.
end 1 qrtr
Wht th f is gng on?
3 & 1 @ 16. 4 dwn loss.

Brst 10 rtn to 46 mch

Hrt fr 3 lft. To mch. Wtf. 1st dn to mn rt sd slnt. Undr Rv pp.psac. 1 & 10
Hrt fr 7. Hrt gn of 5. 1 dwn. Hrt 2 rt. Hnne to manhm. Rigt deep slnt. TD!
Hly sht. Thts 2! rvs. Xtr pt.
Um. Wow. It ant ovr yt.
Irsh 1 @ 29
Mcknt inc lft sd. 2 dwn. Rt to david grms 1 dwn.
inc mcknt lft. 2dn. Rt dmp off dw. Mtrnt ng. Inc rt sd thr hnds d.

Pnt. Out @ 9. 51 yds

Hrt rt sd outrns zib. 1dwn 21 carry
Hrt up imdl. 1 yrd. Inc scrn lft. Bd thr. arrngtn fs up. Skr. 4 dwn.

Zltn bd kck gd rll.

14 vncnf arbd

Dw for 6 lft. Jadams stp. Bq lw to smjda on rt. Inc. Lft to mcknt low inc.

Pntr kick to 15, brst to 41 bst rtn of year.

Stl nrvs. Scrd shtls.

On sthest sd of std. 33 rws bk.

Hrt fr nthng. 2nd & 10. Nc p dnfs. Sr cmp brkn up ovr md to brst. To
mch. Gd cll. Back formt agnst. 617 on clk 2nd qrt.
3 & 10 mich.
I ws tld nt to say ass. Mich out to brt lft. 1 dn.
Hrt 1 yrd lft. Hrt for 10.

Nd fans ftng among selves.

Hrt fr 1 mdl. Grdy for 10 mdl. Grdy no fn. Hrt ng md rt.

Hnne TD pass lft sd to manham!
Holy shit! Wtf gng on. Im @ lss

Nd fns ht 1 anthr. argin ovr standing.

Bd kckff cov. Pass rt to te onn bq 1dn on snk. R mkntayy of 1st dwn.
bd d. Mknt agn wtf ovr midl.

Too mch ly off. Fst dwn mch. Bad cvrg. Laying off 10 yrds. All of a sudden nd has space for qk comp.

Hall in zn. 1 dn. Gl. Rt sd hol. Rv the ply. Bt df comp. Smj TD mdl. Sw cmg ml away.
Bd td to gv up bf hlf. Sht thr.
20 pts nt engh.


Hlf tm 37- 17 mch ovr nd. Wtf hpng?

Scrd shtless rt nw. Too early.
Dbs off tmuch @ end of half. Gv up td w/ min 2 go. Nt hppy. Cnt play off.


Kckoff. 2nd hlf. Wr sc for 5. Lft. Hrt 1 dwn lft. Hrt lss of 3 gng rt.
Ln ovrld. TO bd formation. Hnn resets.pntrtn. Hn hit as thrs. Hrt mks
it cls 12 yrd gn.

Gd pnt cv.

Brnch. No prsh. Dflct.

Bst dp. UM 1d at 13.

Pls gd dnt suck.

Naked btlg mst pkd. mthws kld.

Wr scrn sb. Brst hit out bnds 1st dwn lft um.

Hrt out lft. Bd wr scrn to brst lss of one. Wtf. Rn the fibg ball. Hrt
wrped up midl 1 yrd lss. Hnn sacked at 3r. No mvmnt from wr.

Pnt at 26. Bd kck zltn

Even saw the lites on the gdyr blmp & it read ice cubes a pimp. (Goodyear blimp was overhead -ed)

Dw lft for 3. Hrs big opn field tckl for 1. Crbl int agn! Hly sht! Mich @ 4!

Up mdl. Nada. Fad to arngtn. Nt hpning. Hrt to 3. Fg try.
They were agrsv.
Rvs kick. gd. 37- 13. Shldve scored td.

Grms to 29 on kcf

Lft sd pass. Inc. Hall gd cov. Hndoff dw. 1 yrd midl. Blwn cov. Qnn
ovrthr. Thnk gd. Hrbl thr. 3 out. Brst shldv gon midl. Ct gvs us 10
yrd pen. Um wht? Fcmsk fr 5 yrds.

Hrt fr 1 midl. Stckn box. Hrt up midl for 8. Man on 3rd for 26! 6rady
fr 1. Hnne to argntn. To the 16! gd dcsn.

Grdy mdl lft fr nothn. Jst ovr thrwn to brstn midl. Gd call. Brst too
shrt. Brstn drps anthr. Grt thr. Hit hm in nmbrs. Rivas
dwn midl. 40-14.

14 hrl angl dw 1 dwn oob. Lft. Midl te pass 5 yrds. Lft t rt. Bad lt
call on oob hit. 1 dwn. Grms brd in mdl fr 8. Inc low lft to mcknt.
Hall exllnt cvrg on left side bmb. Lkd lk wr. Hld on nd wr on 1 dwn
pass stl 4th and 9. PI gvs nd frst dwn. Yrds aftr mndy. 21 d glty. PI
trent TD anyway.

Fear creeps bk into hrt.

12 mins lft. Scrd out of mnd w/ 19 pt lead. Mich ltting nd bk into gm. Whts wrng w/me?

Cant b wuss gotta be hrd all gm. @ 23. Hrt drives for 19 to rt. Grt blkng. Hrt to lft 2 yrds. Whrs manningh? Hrt 7 yrds midl. Off tckl run w grady? Loss 4. Bd fing call! Up middl jkass! Wrst call evr. Lng kllng ND and we run away from his strngth. Bd call. Rn it down thrt!

FC @ 17 tv TO.

2 kls qn for loss of 6! Fast! At ft of mcknt lft. Allowd bd cmp ovr mdl to TE. Mndy on cv. Mcknt hrrbl drp lft. Anthr comp to mckn on lft. Oob 13 1dn. 27 grt cov on dw. Leon rds qn pck hm off.
Fckn awsm!

710 lft. Hrt up mdl for 5. Wastd 30 scnds. Grt clk mngmt. Hrt for 1.
3rd dwn. Mdl fr 1.

Ryan in to kck. Grt kck and grt cvrg. 24 yrd ln.

Crss mdl. Mcknt for 5 oob. Hld on wdly calld.

Qn to dw. 10 yrd gn. Fs. Gd cv. 4th and 10. Trnt allws 5st dwn rt sd.
Lks lft. Ovr thrn rt. 27 harrison trys to kl qn. Inc.
Late hit aftr sack. Fking stoooooopid.

jmisson jst kld qn. Awsm. Hgh to smjda. 3rd. Bs lt hit call. Dw pass rt first aftr prss.

Hly sht Woodly ends game! Rcvry TD! Stf arm TD!


At 8:01 AM, Anonymous phoennix10 said...

Dude..that was funny..too bad you couldn't record would've been even funnier...we were all SHELL SHOCKED about that WTF?!!!! Is this a ND/Michigan Game?!!!

At 9:03 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Rivas i ht u"



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