Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Ballot Adjustments

After taking a closer look at a few things I made a few slight changes to my ballot.

1 Ohio State 1
2 Auburn 1
3 Southern Cal 1
4 Louisiana State 1
5 Notre Dame 3
6 Michigan 3
7 Florida 5
8 West Virginia 6
9 Georgia 9
10 Oklahoma 1
11 Texas 10
12 Florida State 6
13 Louisville 3
14 Tennessee 7
15 Miami (Florida) 2
16 Iowa 1
17 Virginia Tech --
18 Oregon 2
19 Nebraska 7
20 Cal 4
21 Boston College 5
22 Texas Tech --
23 UCLA 3
24 TCU --
25 Arizona State --

Dropped Out: Penn State (#19), Clemson (#21), Navy (#23).

Two small changes from the previous ballot. Navy gets the boot after barely escaping East Carolina. UCLA jumps in for going 2-0. While their victory over Rice was anyting but convincing, I'll give them the nod on talent and holding up after flattening Utah.

1. Ohio State. Best team in the country. Period. Their defense is far better than I imagined. From the football I've seen no one is close to these guys right now. The only weakness I see is run defense, and even that is pretty good. Looking at their schedule, Michigan is their toughest remaining opponent. The way Iowa played, Tate or not, does not inspire an confidence that they'll be competitive in that game.

2. I brought the hammer down on Texas. They broke my heart. The offense wasn't sharp, they didn't use their best weapon (the running game) effectively enough, and their talented wideouts spent the game acting like Michigan recievers. Colt McCoy will be a good QB. He's just not that good right now. On the defensive side of the ball until the Texas defensive backfield can consistently stay out of trouble off the field its hard to give them any preferential treatment in the polls.

3. USC, Auburn, LSU, Notre Dame, Michigan and Florida all move up a couple of spots. They all (except USC) beat up on listless opponents. They all scored points but really didn't do anyting too special. Florida, quietly, looks really, really good.

4. Florida State drops like a stone for almost losing to Troy. At home. Same for Tennessee.

5. Louisville classlessly hangs 62 on baby seal like Temple. I'm taking Miami to pound them this weekend sans Michael Bush.

6. BC and Nebraska enter the polls. Nebraska will lose to USC and drop out, but right now they're playing good football. BC is stronger than I thought, two good, tough wins.

7. Oregon conitnues a slow climb up the ranks. Beat Oklahoma, they, and their bright yellow uniforms, are in the top ten.

8. Finally, Georgia jumps 9 spots for shutting out the visor-wearer. No small accomplishment, even if he is at South Carolina.


At 8:51 AM, Anonymous Other Andrew said...

Hear hear on Texas. I don't understand why everyone continues to rank them so high. They got beaten badly at home. Yes, OSU is clearly the best team in the country, but based on what we've seen from Texas so far (destroying North Texas and getting destroyed by OSU), they're not a top ten team. Their schedule is lousy, so we won't really know if they're any good until they play Oklahoma.

Hey Dave - stick it to 'em on Saturday. Any chance you've got an extra ticket??? Tried desperately to find one, but they were all at least 300.

I've been gaining confidence as the week has progressed. Probably setting myself up for disappointment...

At 9:12 AM, Blogger Maize n Brew Dave said...

I honestly thought, going into last weekend, Texas had a shot. But after watching their game plan and their execution, you can tell how much VY meant to that team. Without Vince, Michigan has a Rose Bowl win and USC wins three straight.

Wife and I are heading down friday, sans tickets. We're waiting to see if anyone's got an extra pair ourselves. If not, oh well. I'll just drink myself stooopid at Legends.

Your confidence is well founded. This is a good team. So is Notre Dame. For once Michigan won't sleep walk into SB with a high ranking and an unexacutable game plan. They'e got a simple, Big Ten approach: Ram it down their throat on the ground. They know they have to beat them to earn respect. I'm expecting them to be PISSED on saturday. It's gonna be fun. If you head down, shoot me an email and we'll hoist a brew.


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