Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Blog Poll Ballot: First Week of The Season

A couple of notes:

1. Florida State's defense looked freakin' awesome last night. They are fast, angry, and out to prove something. If that offense wakes up, and I think it will with the genetically engineered giraffe/gazel superhuman clone type receivers they have, this team could be a dark horse national title contender. I know Miami was breaking in some new talent at the O Line, but it's still Miami. To dominate them on both lines of scrimage and to completely eliminate the passing game the way FSU did was impressive.

2. Louisville's drop to 10 has to do with the loss of Michael Bush. I know it's a potent offense. I know Brohm's a great QB. Yadda yadda yadda. Losing Bush is a season crippling loss. Head-to-Head, sans Bush, this is an average team with an okay defense. Lousiville was an outscore them type team. Without a 25 TD running back, the offense becomes one dimensional. Sucks too. I really liked him.

3. Tennessee pounded Cal, a team certain people picked as a national title contender. Ole' Cheesypoofs VanCriminalplayer got his team ready to play following a substandard season. Be wary of these guys, SEC. They're back. And they're pissed.

4. OSU jumps to No. 2 because after their demolition of the MAC's top team I'm fairly certain they're capable of running the table. I was somewhat concerned about their defense, but Northern Illinois had five first downs in the first half. Five. The game was 28 to 0 before they even got on the board. NIU had 2 first downs in the first quarter and an INT. While this is a demolition of a MAC team, it's still a pretty impressive showing. Oh yeah. OSU only punted once. NIU star RB Garrett Wolfe had a big day, but he was the only player on that team that could do anything and only had 55 yards in the 1st half. We'll see how they handle Texas. Even though I don't see Troy Smith lobbing 3 TDs, I may pick them over Texas.

5. Notre Dame, Michigan, Oklahoma, Florida, etc... they all pretty much stay put. No one was that impressive. Notre Dame played like crap. Michigan's offense brought tears of sadness to millions. Oklahoma scraped one out against UAB. Florida beat Southern Mississippi but took their sweet time pulling it out (no doubt deafened by the absolute zero low bass drone of Croom's voice). Until I see something out of any of these teams that makes me say "ooooh upper ecshelon", they stay put.

6. West Virginia dismantled Marshall so up 6 spots. Yes, its Marshall. But the OSU over NIU rationale still holds true here. Its the way WV took Marshall apart. It was 21 nothing before Marsall got on the board, and within three and a half minutes of Marshall scoring, WV was back to a 21 point cushion going into the locker room. Seteve Slaton looks awesome. QB Pat White also found senior Brandon Myles for a pair of scores through the air. I think WV would have trouble against a FSU/Texas style fast/aggressive defense, but they're pretty damn good with plenty of time to prove me wrong.

7.Cal and Miami drop 8 and 7 spots respectively because of their losses. Miami, despite its defense, can't score, and that is important in football. Cal, well, that defense was waaaaaay too overhyped.

8. Disclosure time: I watched the Michigan, Notre Dame, and FSU games in their entirety. I watched portions of the OSU/NIU game. Everything else is based on sportscenter, the papers, online write-ups and my own pure speculation.

With all this in mind, I give you my Week Two ballot:

1 Texas --
2 Ohio State 2
3 Auburn 1
4 Southern Cal 1
5 Louisiana State --
6 Florida State 7
7 Tennessee 7
8 Notre Dame 1
9 Michigan 1
10 Louisville 3
11 Oklahoma --
12 Florida --
13 Miami (Florida) 7
14 West Virginia 6
15 Iowa --
16 Cal 8
17 Virginia Tech 1
18 Georgia --
19 Penn State --
20 Oregon 1
21 Clemson 1
22 Texas Tech 2
23 Navy 2
24 TCU 2
25 Arizona State 1

Dropped Out: Arkansas (#17), Northern Illinois (#23).


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