Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Blog Poll Roundtable 2.3 Round Up

Finally. Its done. The Blogpoll Roundtable wrap-up post. Bloggers. Don't let anyone fool you. This is way too much work. However, it does make for entertaining reading.

Thanks to all the blog poll members who filled out their questions and passed them to the front of the class.

1. Its only the third week of the season and we've already seen some highly ranked favorites drop out of national championship contention. Preseason favorite Cal dropped to #21 after a loss and a pair of underwhelming victories. Who's your pick as the next NC contender to take a fall?

This one had it's fair share of divergent answers. Anyone in the SEC seemed to be fair game. However, the winner of the soon to be loser trophy was split between Florida and Michigan. Florida tied Michigan on a controversial double pick, thus splitting the Mythical Soon to be Loser Trophy. Yet another championship Michigan has to share due to voting irregularities.


Paul Westerdawg, Corn From a Jar, Texas A&M and Baseball, Cross Cyed, Rakes of Mallow and... um... Schembechler Hall decided to anger the host by picking Michigan. Hellfire and brimstone will rain down upon them.

However Rakes went a step further and explained his pick. It will be obvious why his explanation makes me smile.
"So Michigan waltzes into South Bend and demolishes a team that could have easily lost three of it's last four - Stanford had us on the ropes, Ohio State did the damn thing, Georgia Tech was a play or two away, Penn State still sucks - and now they're talking 1997. But doesn't that just confirm that ND was probably overrated?"

Ohio State
The Crimin-O-s got five nods. Every Day Should Be Saturday, Off Tackle, Dawg Sports, Cover Two, and Double Extra Point took aim at Ohio State.

Kinnik North went with Louisville. - "The offense is based on rhythm and timing. This is easily lost when you lose your top QB and running back. They still have some weapons and an easy schedule, but the inexperience will bite them in the ass."
House Rock Built seconded that emotion as did Trojan Wire.

There were a handful of blanket SEC entries, but for the most part people picked a single school.


Black Shoe Diaries was direct picking Auburn, but Have You Met Tony pegged Auburn with the caveat that "Lloyd’s boys could easily be a two-loss team before the frost is on the pumpkin."

MGoBlog, Badger Sports, Westside Rider, Roll Bama Roll and Blog Poll Rountable newcomer Hurricane Radio Sports went with Florida.

Monty Python references deserve a special mention. Trojan Wire picked Florida and Louisville with it, so he gets a repreave on the double pick. His pickof Florida made for the magic 6 points that ties Florida with Michigan for the title of "Next to Fall".

Notre Dame
The boys at MZone leaned into one last kick in the jewels and picked Notre Dame - "Yes, they’re still very much alive despite the beat down from the Wolverines. Hell, ND probably has to lose three to not be considered for the BCS title game."

A little cross town rivalry came out of Bruins Nation when they picked USC. But they brought a solid argument in support.

2. By that same token there are several schools hanging around without a loss that all of a sudden look like surprise contenders. There are also a few one loss teams with a legit shot at getting back into it. Looking at the rankings who’s the team no one’s talking about with the best shot at crashing the party ?

Louisville! Despite losing both Brohm and Bush to injuries Louisville is Blog Land's pick to screw up the the BCS party, from the inside this time. I tallied the votes below for your parusal. Noteable comments were linked. Congrats to Louisville, now go out there and prove us wrong!

Louisville - 5.5
TCU - 5 (bonus points for squirting blood out of eyes)
Virginia Tech - 4
Oregon - 4 ("Oregon has supplanted Cal as 'the other PAC-10 team' to look out for." - Corn From a Jar. Awesome.)
Texas - 1 (Really?)
LSU - 1
Navy - 1 (Not so much)
Georgia - 1 (Rocky Top Talk's pick, sighting the "easiest" schedule of the remaining contenders, which is akin to saying you have the least painful terminal disease.)
Michigan - 1 (Cover Two, your complimentary cheese plate is on it's way.)
West Virgina - .5

3. Every team has their quicksand away game. You know. That place you should win but somehow find ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory or at least scare the &*%^ out of you every year. Did you know that over the last 21 years Kentucky wasn’t won once in Knoxville? Where is your team’s yearly sand trap?

Alabama - Arkansas
Bowling Green - Kent State
Florida - Florida State
Georgia - The Cocktail party (It ain't even close)
Iowa - Iowa State
Iowa State - Kansas State
Michigan - Notre Dame (possibly Spartan Stadium)
Nebraska - Missouri
Notre Dame - Michigan State or any location associated with the word "Bowl"
Penn State - Iowa or Minnesota
Southern California - Berkeley, Eugene and South Bend (all in one answer no less)
Tennesse - the Georgia Dome & Arkansas
Texas A&M - Lubbock, Texas home of the Red Raiders
UCLA - Washington (and man is it pretty there)
West Virginia - Pitt
Wisconsin - Michigan? (You're not supposed to win there!)

4. Now that you’ve looked into the darkest place in your football soul, free Escalades aside, turn and look into your crystal ball. Conference play is either just starting or a single game in. Based on what you’ve seen so far, give the order of finish in your conference, and if you’ve got a Conference Championship game tell us who the winner will be. Independents must predict the remainder of their schedule. The results your predictions will be held against you at the end of the season.

Big Ten
Kinnik North - Michigan
Westside Rider - Michigan ties Ohio State
MGoBlog - Michigan
MZone - Ohio State
Schembechler Hall - Ohio State
Badger Sports - Ohio State
Black Shoe Diaries - Ohio State

Georgia Sports Blog - Auburn tops Florida
Dawg Sports - Auburn over Florida
Corn From a Jar - Auburn over Tennessee (and a 3 way tie in the SEC East)
Roll Bama Roll - Auburn over Florida
Rocky Top Talk - Auburn over Georgia
Cover Two - Auburn over Florida
Hurricane Radio Sports - Georgia over Auburn
EDSBS - Florida and Auburn in a fight to the death.

Officially kicked out of BCS for failure to respond.

Off Tackle - Nebraska over texas.
Texas A&M and Baseball - OU over Nebraska
Cross Cyed - Texas and Nebraska (no winner picked)
Double Extra Point - Texas over Nebraska

PAC 10
Trojan Wire - Shameless plug
Bruins Nation - USC

Big East
Mountain Lair - West Virginia

Have You Met Tony - WMU over BGSU

5. In keeping with the spirit of Maize n Brew, name your beverage of choice on game days and why. It need not be alcoholic, as there are some of us who choose not to imbibe on game day. Further, it need not be limited to a single brand/type/category. If you enjoy drinking PBR and Kraft Turkey Gravy at the same time (which I have personally witnessed), please, elaborate. Finally, if you should feel so inclined, and this is not a requirement, add an anecdote involving said beverage choice.

Best Answer of the Roundtable
Rocky Top Talk - "Why, Mountain Dew, of course. Some have forgotten that moonshine was, back in the day, sometimes euphemistically referred to as "mountain dew." In Knoxville, Tennessee, sometime during the 1940's, a lemon-lime whiskey mixer was invented and sold as "Mountain Dew." The flavor as we now know it was only perfected several years later, after a franchise was granted to Tri-Cities Beverage in Johnson City, Tennessee. Tri-Cities Beverage packaged the soft drink in green bottles with red and white labels depicting cartoon character Willy the Hillbilly 'shooting at a revenuer fleeing an outhouse with a pig sitting in the corner.'"
- Informative. Different. Involves "rev-nuers" and pigs. We have a winner.

One thing that surprised me about the roundtable answers on this question was how many people abstain from the sweet nectar of hoppy goodness prior to a football game. With several people on record as foregoing the pre-game adult beverage I included the option of listing a non-alcoholic option.

In response, I found out that far more bloggers sip bottled water and sweet tea prior to a game than anything else. Being from the Midwest I find this intolerable. Everyone knows the midwestern economy is based on Miller and Budweiser products being sold. You hydraters are ruining our economy and way of life. Imbibe damn you! Imbibe!

It was also surprising to me that the baseline fanatic, you know, the person who spends more time in front of their computer typing on their favorite school than at church or work, doesn't get "fired-up" using artifical means. I guess your zeal for king and country keeps you warm on an autumn afternoon. Zeal or not, it's friggin cold in Michigan around November, and an alcoholic beverage warms me up.

When tailgating a brat, burger, hot dog, etc. always goes down nice with a beer or beverage. I don't condone drinking in excess, but dammit, football and beer are interlocked in my mind like Romeo and Juliet, Ike and Tina, Steve and Tawney Finley, OJ and Nic... wait a second... never mind.

On to the Final Roundup

That Man Needs a Beverage

Tasty Drinks

Georgia Sports Blog went with Makers Mark and Ginger. That is a tasty beverage.

A Vodka Tonic is EDSBS official tailgatin' drink. On the other hand no bourbon is allowed: "Brown liquor is commonly known in our household as “felony fuel.” It is not consumed." - best line of the roundtable - ed.

Trojan Wire got fancy - "Stone IPA 10th Anniversary. This goes beyond being a 'liquid poem to the glory of the hop.' When trying this Northern San Diego brew, it not only feels good (thanks to a 10% alcohol volume), it sings Beethoven's Symphony No. 9 in D minor to your mouth." - I remember trying to convince an old girlfriend to do something using those exact words - ed.

Finally, a football answer from Joey I can get behind - "Yuengling, a Pennsylvania lager that has a fine taste and was introduced to me in a sporting context, so it will forever have a football connotation, deserved or otherwise."

I knew I could count on Badger Sports to pick a good beer - "Spotted Cow from the New Glarus Brewing Company. This cloudy ale is a delight for the tastebuds."

Nestor needs him some Magic Hat's Blind Faith to get him through the Bruins football season.

The Simpler Pleasures

When tailgating Have You Met Tony enjoys a cool can o' Bud Light. Don't worry ladies, there's more than enough to go around, he brought the 30 pack.

Double Extra point was a Bud Light man but has since toned it down a tad. "After five football seasons as a student at Nebraska and three years of Florida State student tickets, I allowed my liver to decide on my doctoral program. It chose the University of Houston over Texas Woman’s University and cirrhosis." I feel your pain.

A cold Coors beer is enough for Hurricane Radio Sports.

Things that make you go ugggghhh
Mountain Lair enjoys a crisp cool Miller Lite, with a Wild Turkey chaser... shutter....

This mini throw-up is brought to you
by Moutain Lair

House Rock Built doesn't fool around. Miller Lite and Anejo Tequila and Johnny Walker Blue. I've also seen him Solo cup enough Vanilla Stoli and Coke to make Nick Cage in Leaving Las Vegas cringe.

"Perfect for beer pong, flip cup or shotgunning, Natural Light is the only correct answer to this question." - Rakes of Mallow.
- Must. Fight. Back. Vomit. Forcing. Way. Through. Chest....

Black Shoe Diaries missed the 1997 OSU/PSU game on account of Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum mixed with Coca-Cola, and he doesn't regret it one bit, thank you very much.

No Thanks, I'm Casual
Cross Cyed cracks open a cool Royal Crown Cola. For those who don't know, you'd betta recognize.

Kinnik North stays hydrated when tailgating with a little H2O.

Texas A&M and Baseball - Water and lots of Gatorade

Westside Rider - Water and/or Diet Coke

Brian doesn't drink anything. Absolutely nothing. Dry as a desert. He will however imbibe after the game

MZone goes fluid rich as well.

Kyle is a well know proponent of staying sober come game time. He instead prefers to feast on the flesh of his enemies for his pre-game buzz.

Corn From a Jar does not in fact injest ethanol on game days, as the name would suggest, instead he goes with Sun-Drop a beverage best described as "if Mountain Dew is Clark Griswold, then Sun-Drop is Cousin Eddie."

Roll Bama Rolls with ice cold agua until the game is over.

Cover Two sips/drinks/guzzles southern sweet tea. It's a southern thing. And no. I don't understand.


At 10:46 AM, Blogger Joel S. Hollingsworth said...

Hoo-wee! WhadooIwin, whadooIwin, whadooIwin?!!

At 10:47 AM, Blogger Joel S. Hollingsworth said...

Brian's right, by the way, excellent job.

Setting the standard and all.

At 3:41 PM, Blogger Jeffie Husker said...

Overachieving at its best. Nice job, it made for a great read.

At 10:49 PM, Blogger Joey said...

Best roundup ever. For real.

At 11:13 PM, Blogger Crazy Tom said...

A couple of things:

1: to the MZone jackass- yeah, ND needs three losses to get knocked out of the MNC game. Or maybe 2 will keep us out of the BCS altogether. All I know is that FSU was in the BCS with 4 losses last year. Further proof that conferences are for pinko commie america hating minor accomplishment loving bastards. "Woooo! We're Champions! We only lost 1/3 of the time!" At least we Domers have the good sense to be ashamed at the lack of a real accomplishment, and to be dissapointed at the last 12 years individually and as a collective.

2: ND's biggest quicksand location is not Spartan Stadium, or bowl games. We lose home games, completely inexplicably in many cases. After Stanford in the early 90's, Tennessee either the same year or one later, BC '93, Air Force holding a ~250 ypg rushing team to <70 in '96... I'm convinced our stadium is cursed the last decade and a half.

At 6:45 AM, Blogger Johnny said...

Great round up! Are you telling me you've never chased Miller Lite with the kicking chicken? Oh, it's a vomitously great time!

At 7:41 AM, Blogger Jack Fu said...

On extra-special gamedays, my buddies and I will fill up a gatorade cooler with a 30-pack of Milwaukee's Best Light, a bottle of cheap crappy grocery store vodka (like Kamchattka or something), and 4 packages of frozen pink lemonade concentrate. Oh, and a bag of ice. It tastes great, gets you messed up, and can pretty much last the entire day if your group is about 5 people or less...


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