Friday, September 29, 2006

Friday's Hearsay and Conjecture: Please Make This Hangover Go Away

Sometimes business requires you to entertain. Other times it requires team building. And every now and then it requires just getting shnockered with your office mates.

Last night was one of those occasions.

Understandably, blogging will be light today. However, in an effort to get you caught up for UM Minnesota tomorrow night I thought I'd provide a little link fest for the game in addition to rounding up the best stuff from around the 'sphere.

Random Hockey News:

Michigan and Michigan State are picked as the really-pre-season favorites in the CCHA. The Coaches picked MSU and the media picked Michigan.

Jim Carty wants to get rid of the C-Ya! chant at Michigan hockey games. Michigan hockey fans now want to get rid of Jim Carty.

Fun Stuff:

Jay of Blue Gray Sky has returned from East Lansing and delivered one of the best narratives you find anywhere on the web about Notre Dame's come back win over Michigan State. An absolute must read.

Getting prepped for the Bama Florida game, Orson and Nico did a a pair of Q&A sessions. When reading through them I saw this little nugget that had to be shared.
"Being from Alabama, my only knowledge of and experience with the gay lifestyle comes from Will and Grace and Cinemax softcore lesbian porn."

Mark Hasty's Pickin' On The Big Ten is up and always entertaining. Spoiler alert - He's taking OSU over his beloved Hawkeyes.

Johnny's got a sweet new banner over at RBUAS. On top of his seething hatred of Notre Dame, he does a great breakdown of the top 25.

IBFC has more game film and breakdowns on the Wisconsin game. Damn its good to have Vijay back.

Joe Pa gets knocked down. But he gets up again.

The 614 has your Ohio State Freshman survival guide posted. Flame and poo repellent coolers aren't mentioned, but an excellent read none the less. If only I knew then what I know now...

Michigan Minnesota Link Fest

The MZone gives you more background than you ever wanted on Minnesota

MGoBlog has an actual team breakdown on Minnesota.

Go Blue Wolverine previews Minnesota's Offense and Defense. Their "Edge" goes to Michigan.

Rivals makes their game day predictions as well.

Awesome Detroit News articles on Arrington and Jamison. They also give their keys to the game.

More pub for Alan Branch in the Free Press.

The University of Michigan's official pregame notes can be found here.


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