Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Maize n Ballot: Week 3

Too. Much. Going. On.

Recovering from the Michigan Notre Dame game has been a full time affair the last few days. That and prepping for a deposition and possible trial have eaten up the rest of my time. Even so there was a lot of movement on the Maize n Ballot. Take a peak.

1 Ohio State --
2 Southern Cal 1
3 Auburn 1
4 Michigan 2
5 Florida 2
6 Georgia 3
7 West Virginia 1
8 Louisville 5
9 Louisiana State 5
10 Texas 1
11 Notre Dame 6
12 Virginia Tech 5
13 Iowa 3
14 Oregon 4
15 Boston College 6
16 Clemson 10
17 UCLA 6
18 Arizona State 7
19 Oklahoma 9
20 Michigan State 6
21 Cal 1
22 Alabama 4
23 TCU 1
24 Tennessee 10
25 Penn State 1

Dropped Out: Florida State (#12), Miami (Florida) (#15), Nebraska (#19), Texas Tech (#22).

1. Ohio State maintains the top spot despite looking like crap against Cincinnati when they've turned on the jets I haven't seen anyone that can match them.

2. USC moves past Auburn because I don't care who you're playing, 7 points is not enough offense. I know you won, and winning ugly is good, but it shows your offense isn't as good as we thought.

3. Michigan. Everyone in front of them lost. Along with Aurburn they played the highest ranked competition. They move up into the spots vacated by the people behind them. I'm not totally sold on them yet. But I am excited.

4. Florida. Beat Tennessee at Tennessee. And make no mistake the Vols are a significantly better team than they were last year. It's a very good win.

5. Georgia and Louisville are sniffing around the bottom of the top ten. Everyone should be very, very wary of these schools. Georgia plays coma inducing D and Louisville's plug and play offense looks like it could be run by the blind kid from Dumb and Dumber. West Virginia moves up a little, just a head of Louisville. I'm convinced when the two schools meet the scoreboard will explode.

6. I didn't hammer ND or LSU that hard because I don't think that a) ND is really as bad as it played, and b) LSU can't score. LSU had a great defensive day and its offense will come around.

7. TCU wins but stays low because, well, they're TCU. Tougher scheduling moves them higher.

8. Oklahoma got the shaft in my poll for no other reason than, regardless of the calls, they should have beaten Oregon. Yeah the Duck scored two touchdowns to win, but that Defense is good enough to stop to touchdown drives in the last two minutes. It was a Herrmann-esque performance in the final stanza.

9. Clemson re-emerges from Bowden Bowl MCCXLIII at 16. It's a wildly over inflated ranking, but had Clemson's kicker not shot the Tigers in the foot they'd be 3-0 and about there anyway.

10. Michigan State continues to impress. Their defense seems to be playing better and that offense, oooooh that offense, scares me. Please also welcome 3-0 Alabama to the party.

11. Finally, there is the "hiding in the weeds" section. Oregon, Iowa, Virginia Tech and Boston College. Oregon just surpised OU. Iowa gets OSU at home. and VaTech and BC could dominate a weak, weak, weak, weak, weak ACC.

12. Please wave good-bye to Miami, FSU, Nebraska, and Texas Tech. Happy trails boys.


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