Monday, September 11, 2006

Maize n Brew Review: Michigan 41 Central Michigan 17

Due to a funeral in southern Ohio I wasn't able to watch any of the Michigan v. Central Michigan game this weekend. I managed to catch most of the Texas/OSU and ND/PSU games, but Michigan's game was in direct conflict with more important matters. As a result I will only be able to provide a few comments and a link fest to the opinions of those who were able to observe.

I will say in watching the replays, and in light of BC's overtime victory over Clemson, we played a much tougher team than anyone is giving us credit for. Still, it was a MAC team and no one should get too happy about dismantling clearly inferior teams.

The running game looks to be in good form. Mike Hart cleared 100 yards again and added three scores. The running game as a whole topped 250 yards. While am I dissappointed by the lack production from the passing game, I'm not losing sleep over it. The offense scored 34 points. Four rushing TDs and two field goals from Rivas. When you're dominating a game that way there's really no point in rubbing it in by going up top. Further, there has been no need to go up top yet. When called upon, Henne can through the football. You have two great examples from the Vanderbilt game. Henne's been a tad eratic but has also been bothered by plenty of drops. I've firmly pitched my tent (har har... tent) in the camp that thinks Henne can and will deliver come game time. Whether or not I buy real estate supporting our wideouts is another question. Someone has to 1) get open and 2) catch the ball.

You can curse and jaw all you want that we need to work on the passing game, but I think we'll be fine. Admist the psuedo-panic I'd like to assert the following: We scored 21 points before the bad guys got on the board. That is generally considered good. The team is in good shape. Yes there are errors that need to be fixed. But all accounts seem to indicate that Michigan's blocking is getting better, and if we can continue to run the football it all may be academic.

So long as the Defense doesn't revert back to last year, I think we're looking at a competitive ND/UM matchup. I'll be down there for it, let me know if you will!

The Media Looks at UM/CMU

The Free Press wraps up the Game here. They do not hop on the "OMG Henne Sux!" bangwagon.

The Detroit News' recap can be found here. Tune ups are over, sky is falling, ND wasted an incredible world-beating PSU team, everyone should panic, blah, blah, blah, blah.

The Ann Arbor News recap is here. The beat writer grades the Wolverines' individual performances. Jim Carty looks at the good and bad, and leaves us with the answer we already know, we know nothing about the offense's true capabilities. LaMarr Woodley continues to hurt people. We like that. Ryan Ross kicks ass, but everyone else on kick coverage does not.

ESPN's look is here.

Fox Sports' round up is here.

Michigan Round the 'Sphere

Sean over at Michigan Sports Center got himself a Press Pass and Live Blogged the game. Sean, you've got yourself some cajones for pulling that off.

MGoBlog's Initial Reaction is up. He has called for a sports writer's testicles.

Joey is back. Everyone panic. After you're through panicking Joey's got a great round up of the games he captured for eternity on his DVR. Eternity or at least until the power goes out.

The MZone is unimpressed by this week's performance. Cheer up boys, we get all week to note the fact that AJ Hawk is nailing Quinn's Bigfoot-looking sister.

Michigan Football Saturdays has a stat that should make even the stodiest complainer happy. Michigan is 8 for 8 in the redzone this year. So far, 5 TDs and 3 FGs. That is good news. MFS also has faith that Michigan's passing game has lacked thus far simply because it hasn't been neccesary to use it yet. Henne's managed to guide the Wolverines to a perfect red zone efficiency this year and hasn't turned the ball over once. Faith people! Faith!


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