Tuesday, September 12, 2006

NCAA Gets One Right

More often than not when the NCAA issues a decision regarding an athlete, that decision is the object of derision and ridicule. Whether it was Jeremy Bloom or any USC athlete, the NCAA always seems to get it wrong.

So when the NCAA gets it right, for all the criticism they receive, I think its our duty to do them favor of saying "Job Well Done."

In a recent decision the NCAA allowed Clemson to provide child day care and transportation assistance to freshman football player Ray Ray McElrathbey. Usually such benefits are forbidden by the NCAA. However, instead of their normal obstenance, they looked a little deeper into the situation and allowed assistance to a young man and family that desperately needs it.

The young child in question is Fahmarr, the 11 year-old-brother of Ray Ray. Ray Ray was recently awarded temporary custody of his younger brother due to the ongoing addiction problems of their parents. Instead of turning a blind eye to a family in need, the NCAA lived up to it's stated mission of turning young boys and girls into responsible productive members of society. They did the right thing and for that I am grateful.

I hope this small victory in the McElrathbey family's struggle leads to a better day. Ray Ray has my highest respect for taking on so many challenges at once. Thankfully, one of those challenges is no longer the NCAA.


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