Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Thumbin' Through Wisconsin v. Michigan

For the second straight week I decided to track the Michigan game with my PDA. Due to the ungodly lines to get to our seats my buddy and I didn't even see the field of play until after Wisconsin had already put 7 on the board. Thankfully the concession stands still have TV's and I was able to track most of the first two series on their 1965 Zeniths. However, from that point on, I tracked damn near everything.

Start of the Game

Bad first series. Bad second.
Good pnt zltn
Hill is sfty
Why is crable cvr wr?
Gd prsr by burgess. Didn't wrap up tho

Bad kick. Good bounce for uw.

Grt thr ctch arrng over rt mod
Hart pound middl for 10
Hrt mid 4 4
Rvrs for 4 by breaston
Hrt for 3
4 & 1
Henne snk. Close looks short. It is. No push by oline. Getting beat up front
Trn ovr on dns

Branch flattens hill loss of 3
End 1st
Oline looks like shit. Need to pound middle. To many zn block bt long kraus gtting beat. They're stacking that side.

Srt 2nd qrt

Lw thrw socco lft. Too mny lb on wr. 3rd dn
Burgess almost picks another. 4 dn

Gd rtn. blck in bk.hrssht lt cll.they pick it up! Mich @ 36

Hrt lft for 8
Hrt lft stuffed cut bk for 4. 1dn
New math bitches! Rt side td manham! Prfct pass catch.

Exclnt kcoff.

hill lft tckl harris
Grt cvrg eqls inc on rlout
Sck woodley! Killd socco

Agn tantalizingly cls to bkng 1 breaston brought down @ 49

Lft sd rn hrt fr 1. Why r we only gng lft?
Brstn fks someone out of jk. 4 yrd gn. Shldve been nthng
Hnne slammed to turf on sk. Cvrg sack.

Ryan pnts a duck. Smhw rolls to 12. He's messing up zltns heisman campaign by being luckier than him dammit

Rn lft by hill. Crbl brgs loss of one
Ps lt Missed tckl on hill lft rslts 1dn for 16
Easy pass drpd. Hall too fr off.
Trnt brnd for 1dn. 90 gets prsnl foul. Dumass
Dbz too far off.
Stuff rn up midl.
Zn cvrg? Wtf!? Wht is english calling
1 dn
Hill drvs for 5
Hrs buries hill in midl. shed his blk well. 3dn
TO wisc
Socco inc to hill. Evry ply to lft.
Fg try, gd. 10 to 7
Niethr offns doin anythng

Tb on kckoff

Manham slammed on 5 yrd rt thr
Hrt rn rt fr 3
Btlg rt, wisc rd it frcd thr away.
Zltn booms it! Fmbl! 1dn mich @ 18
hrt for 1 middl.
Massey crossing rt lt rt for 3.
Hrrbl thr rt sd. 4th dn. Rvs kick gd
10 10
Wisc looks liek theyre changing dfns all the time, hnne looks lost.
Teams have picked up on the fade

Hill midl buried.
Sm thng. TO mich agn
Pss to beckham. Nailed like spice by englmn. 4 dn
Drv only used 10 secs.

Gd kick, bd support. Brst nowhr @ 28

Deflction riley catches it? Wtf!
Hnne to arrngtn for 3
Hnne lckin in on rcvr. Hrribl possession. All thrws to recv shrt of first.

1 min lft. Ryan to pnt
32 to the 33. Bad kick.

Crss rt ltf rt for 15.
Misq on lft sd pass. Inc.
Scco to hill buried on pass. Hrrs burgess. WIsc TO. 3 & 3
17 sec
Inc. englm on cov. Wr brk rt.
Almost grt play to prevent tb.
End first

D needs to gt pnetrat. Offense nds to diversify.

Strt 2nd half

Inc rt. Wdly hld no cll
Hill midl. Taylor burgess on stp
Grt cv. Nowhr to pass. Inc.

Brst deep.

Lat hit on wis aftr fcatch mich @ 45

Hrt rt for two, uw waiting
Henne hits brst in hands and he almost flubs it into an int. Perfect thr

Bd thrw to eckr took him oobs 4 yrds shrt.

anthr bd ryan kick. Wisc at 30.

Brst is useless as a rcvr. Manham is gtting crap beat out of him.

Bltz. Middl rn for 6. Big hits
Hill for 0 rt.
hill lft for 3. Good stp d!
Uw think abt gng fr it. Now pnt
Delay gm of re-kick

Brst rtn to 34
Hrt picks way for 5.
No grady so far
Manhm for 1dn to lt. Wisc cb is tuff
hrt trpd up in bkfld no gn.
Scrn pass to hrt for 20
Hrt lft for 1 on strch ply
Eckr wide open. Henne ignrs him. thrw into dbl cov gts pkd off in enzn. Manham fking bls it. Has to play db on that. Cant let it gt pckd. Bad play by both. Brst blew it too. Lks like ran wrng rout into manham sid of fld. Reslt in dbl cov. Cant emphasize how wo eckr was.

Hill lft for 2
Inc rt. Dbs stll too fr off.
Pass tppd almost int by biggs. Gd psh by d line

Brst bk

Turns nthng into 20 yrds. Awsm
Manham mks shoe strng catch. 1dn. Tlks sht aft catch
Nkd btlg to massey for 3
I like that they went back to manham.
5 tlking sht to home crwd. Refs miss clr facmsk. Crd goes nuts aftr replay
TO mich.
Some one needs to hurt 5.
3 & 4
Henne manham td! Rt in frnt of me! Perfect thr. Manham brnd cb BAAAAAAAD on juke.
Beautiful ball. Rvs gd.

Oh snap! S brown 30 just PLANTS rtn man @ 13

Hill lft. Slips tckls, trnt hlds him up for harrs, no gn
Inc & a hld on wisc.
Socco to none. Woodley trying sizer cosea socoo

Brst bk

Uw uses 2nd to. Dumb.

Crable is 9 ft tall. Sriously. Gigantic.

Brst rtn for a cpl but flg on um.mich now @27

Hrt rumbls lft cln for 15 and fcmsk for 5.
Hrt midl rt for 5
Rt sd rn eaten up. Nada. One yrd
brst useless agn. Pass lft.
Zltn in
Obv blk in bk not called results in tb.
Socco to beckham for 1.
2 & 69 accrding to scrbd
Brnch buries socco for sack. Loss of 8
Pass up middle for 3 killd by hrrs

Brst bk
Brst turns crnr to 33! Dmn hes fast.

Hrt to lft nothing into somthing again. Stutter step for 7.
Arrngtn pass to six. Sweet he is the tru no. 2 on this team.
Hrt to rt for 1
Eckr and massy in on lft side
Hrt pick way bhnd massey eckr lng kraus for td
Rvs gd. Maybe i don' ht him

111,058 at game. Wow.

Kck off
Anthr kick into end zn. Ryan keeps getting better at this

Hill rt meets burgess and mundy for 3
Shld been complete in frnt of mundy but dprd
jmison sacks socco with prjudice. Bring the pain baby bring thepain

Brts deep
Brst is made out of tephlon. Mich strts on wisc side of fld agn at 41.
He cant catch but damn is he something special on rtns

Btw its the 3rd at UGA how th f is colorado winning?

rvrs for manham gts nthng
Grady goes rt midl for 3. Follows blks well. No cut bk ln
Qk cross in zn for 1d to manham lft
Grady fights for 6. Strt ahead runr.
Minor is fing big! Goes for four 1d
Grdy rns lft for 4 gain.
Minor lft for 2 or 3. Has happy feet. Quick. Will devlop into exclnt bk
Play fk with intnt to thr. Cvrd wll. Henne rns oobs. Rv fg try. Gd.

Rivas deservs sloppy kiss for his jihad bt th uprights

savoy ezclnt tckl on rtn. 15 yrd ln
Pass lft to swan. Harrison tckls aft 5 yrd gn
Inc lft.
Gd cll. Scrn play middl for 20.
Pass to hrs comp, gang tckl aft 8 yrd gan.
Using size on our dbs for gans
1d lft oob to fb
Blitz scrmbl comp lft at 20
Dbs too far off
Now bnch up
Hill pass midl. Hill molested.
Socco pas lft jump ball to bckm at 10 oobs.
Prvs ply undr rv

Chrldrs r cute this yr. Uh huh huh hey baby.

Play now comp at 10.
Inc rt sd endzn to bckm
drw rt. Ng.

Qb scrmbl. 4 d.
Hill is fat and hurt.

Fg try. Good. 27 to 13. Here come onsides kik

Wisconsin flag waver is going really bald. He looks forty.
You could crush bowling balls bt the lgs of the uw female cheerldrs btw.

Onsds kick is bd. Mich rcvrs by booting it oobs.

2.14 left.

Minor rt mid for nthn

UW fans chnting "lets play hockey!"
Love UW fans. Aways hvng fun.

Grdy lft for nthn. Wisc TO

Henne to manham deep. Int by jack whtevrhisnameis. Wtf was that?
Int henne on pass to manham.
Why was henne still in gm? Dont like that call @ all.

Pass midl to andrsn 20 yrds
Pass lft for 7 oobs
Inc ht fb in hands and he drpd it.

Dump pass to rb for 1d.

Deep pass lft inc.

Rain strtng

1 sec left.

Lst ply inc englmn kills rcvr jst 4 kicks


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