Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wednesday's Hearsay and Conjecture

I did a small piece yesterday complimenting the NCAA for their handling of a child welfare situation at Clemson. As you'll recall, Ray Ray McElrathbey, a 19-year-old freshman cornerback at Clemson, was temporarily awarded custody of his 11-year-old younger brother Fahmarr. Unfortunately, their parents have a long history of battling addictions, and when Fahmarr came to stay with his older brother over the summer the two decided he should stay. They are currently living on the Clemson campus and the NCAA has given Clemson and NCAA an assistance waiver to allow them to help Ray Ray support his younger brother. The New York Times prepared a nice follow up on their story. It's a nice reminder that while the NCAA does do things that drive us crazy, they also do things that genuinely, positively affect the athletes they govern.

MGoBlog take a look at Notre Dame's previous games against Georgia Tech and Penn State to gleen clues to the secrets of their mind control device.

Sean at Michigan Sports Center recounts his experience as credentialed media at the CMU game. I'm still wildly impressed he pulled it off. Seriously. Look at the photos he got and tell me he didn't have the best seat in the house. When I was 16 I could barely drive let alone pull something like that off. Again, tip 'o the cap to him.

Michigan Against The World absolutely killed me with this. While the phrase "We Will Own ND" might be a little strong considering our recent record against them, the photoshopping, well, see for yourself. Well done. There's also a pretty good look at how the offenses stack up nationally.

Ross Ryan wanted to play for Notre Dame. They spurned him so he walked on the Michigan. He's hoping there's a little extra oomph on those kick-off's Saturday.

Mike Hart knows where greatness comes from. He is set to display it on Saturday. His opposite, Darius Walker, hopes to do the same.

Strangest Quote Ever:

"We had a C-section my freshman year of college and the vet left and said, 'I want you to shave this side of the cow,' " Bihl recalled of a memorable day on the farm. "It was just myself, my girlfriend and the veterinarian."

I'm guessing there wasn't a lot of fooling around that afternoon. Apparently Mark Bihl was before and wants to stay a farmer after his football career is done.

The Chicago Tribune is going nuts over the upcoming game. Uberrecruit Sam Young is now the starting right tackle for ND, apparently he's doing a good enough job to have an article written on him. Everyone on either coaching staff is expecting a close game.


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