Thursday, September 07, 2006

Week One Blog Poll Round Table: Ciskie Style

Our good friend in Duluth is the host of this week's Blog Poll Round Table. Thanks to Bruce for putting these together.

1. What team best met your overall expectations of them in their opener?

LSU. They just methodically devour teams. They break your skull then drink your sweet brain juices. Heartless, soul-less killing machines.

2. What team jumped off the map and surprised you the most? (Bonus points to anyone who can make an argument for someone besides Tennessee.)

Cal. Good lord. They've gone from suck to blow. Getting blown out, in that fashion, really surprised me.

Florida State, covered infra, looked good. I wasn't expecting their D to be THAT good.

My favorite though is Montana State! Go... um... Montana State-rs! Woo! I love the fact that Colorado lost to a D1-AA team. Mostly because I hate Cordell Stewart with the heat of a thousand suns. But Dude, Montana State! Maybe 10 or 15 people actually live in Montana and they beat two time national champion and Big XII member Colorado. How can you not love a team that "shocked the world!"? Further, who can you not love a team whose OFFICIAL WEBSITE uses the phrase Shock the World!? Just awesome.

3. What team best moved themselves into a position to surprisingly contend for a national title?

A couple of teams made moves too position themselves as MNC contenders.
  • Notre Dame won so naturally they are the front runner, at least according to ESPN and ND Nation.
  • Michigan won so naturally they are the front runner, at least according to ESPN and Maize n Brew.
  • USC won so naturally they are the front runner, at least according to ESPN and Trojan Wire.
  • Auburn won so naturally they are the front runner, at least according to ESPN and... well... Auburn fans. (Kyle hates Auburn)
Etc. Etc. Etc.

However, two teams in particular stand out.

1) West Virginia - By virtue of Michael Bush's broken leg. Now when the Mountaineers play the Cardinals all they have to contend with is Brian Brohm. Sans Bush, this is a one dimensional offense. There's still a trap game at Maryland, but unless Pitt, Rutgers, or someone else seriously surprise WV, they'll be undefeated come December.

2) Florida State - We all know Bruce wasn't too impressed by the game, but I sure as hell was. These were two very good teams who spent an evening beating the living crap out of each other. Frankly, they are also the two best defensive teams I've seen play so far this season. To point and say, "they only gained 4 yards combined on the ground, they must not be that good" is wrong. Michigan's OLine was terrible last year and they still managed to rush for more that 4 yards. No, these defenses were that good. Watch the corners on the pass plays, they look like wide outs. The LB's on both sides (particularly FSU) scare the beejezus out of me, and both defensive lines look like they're capable of taking on a Mack truck (and winning). FSU won their toughest game of the year in their first game. They can run the table till the ACC championship game. Take that, MNC status will be only a game away.


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