Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Blog Poll Ballot Week 6: Full Metal Blogamist

Blog Poll Time, so here's my draft...

1 Ohio State --
2 Southern Cal --
3 Auburn --
4 Michigan --
5 Florida --
6 Louisville --
7 Oregon 6
8 West Virginia 1
9 Louisiana State --
10 Cal 7
11 Texas 3
12 Tennessee 2
13 Notre Dame 3
14 Georgia 4
15 Georgia Tech 11
16 Oklahoma 1
17 Clemson 3
18 Virginia Tech 7
19 Missouri 5
20 Wake Forest 6
21 Rutgers 4
22 Washington --
23 Florida State 2
24 Iowa 12
25 Boise State 1

Dropped Out: TCU (#18), Purdue (#19), Wisconsin (#23).

Games watched: Michigan/Minnesota; Illinois/MSU; Indiana/Wisconsin; Florida/Bama; parts of Tennessee/Memphis; Iowa/OSU; observed at a distance through a haze of booze Auburn/USC.

God I love football season.

1. The top 6 remain unchanged, further guaranteeing I will never be picked for any of Brian's awards. I thought about rearranging the top four, but I can't see any advantage for any of them that would make me change anything. I'm just going with my gut on it.

2. Texas is a fraud. They've played no one and their schedule is an embarassment. North Texas, Rice, and Sam Houston State? They need to be punished. I'm debating dropping them farther. Glorified scrimages against crappy teams do nothing to boost confidence in a team. Getting beat at home by a correctional facility, albeit a really really good correctional facility, in your only legitimate game does less.

3. Cal is showing its preseason hype wasn't all BS. They're hitting on all cylinders right now. Lynch has been quitely spectacular and Longshore has demonstrated he can run the offense with some poise. I'm still not convinced their D isn't the defense that shoed up at Tennessee, but they are showing signs of improvement.

4. Speaking of which, Quack, Quack, Quack. The Ducks look gooooooooooooooood. I didn't think their offense would click the way it has, but, damn son! The Ducks/Bears game, while a mismatch of hockey and football in the pro leagues, at the college level may be one of the best games of the year to date. Someone, somewhere, TIVO it for me. I'll be at the Michigan game.

5. Games that should be awesome when observed on paper which will likely be hugely disappointing: Texas v. Oklahoma. Two bad QBs. Two powerful running games. Two excellent defenses. There's a distinct possibility of negative passing yards for both teams on Saturday. Oklahoma's had a week off to rest. Oklahoma's just a better rushing team. I'm picking Oklahoma to make a move up the rankings. Remember, they scored 37 and 34 points on two good PAC-10 teams, they'll score about half that on Texas but it'll still be enough.

6. Georgia Tech is in the house. Who's House? Chan's House! Who's House? Chan's House! Earlier in the year I thought GT would upset ND. They could have if they'd only realized that the best play on every down is just to throw it a Calvin Johnson. They've since realized this and are torching teams. Gailey's defense is just sick. All of a sudden GT is a ACC front runner and Georgia should be scared.

7. Speaking of which, Georgia looks like shit. Great defense. But the offense isn't an offense. Its some new hybrid or mutation of offense with a deathly allergy to competence. It's an anti-offense. It treats opposing endzones as if they're made out of anthrax. It's sole purpose is to work BACKWARDS from a score of zero. It's mere presence on the field causes every vacuum cleaner in a seven mile radius to turn on. Negative numbers are possible with them on the field. In short, I dropped them for creating a point scoring blackhole that seems to follow them everywhere. (Georgia's offense, at right, seen sucking the life out of its supporters.)

8. Virginia Tech was exposed this weekend. But I still think they're a better team than they played as. I've got too much faith in Beamer Ball.

9. Wake Forest Bitches! They're gonna get creamed by Clemson on Saturday, but starting 5-0, and being Wake Forest, I'll give you some momentary love. But no cuddling. And you have to leave immediately.

10. Iowa. I said it before and I'll say it again. Drew Tate ain't that good and neither is Ferentz. Who didn't see that stomping coming? Really? I'll meet you on the greens at midnight. Wear a suit.

11. Missouri is currently the best team in the Big XII. How awesome is that? Texas Tech this Saturday will show whether they're for real. If the Tigers walk away with a victory then they may only drop one game over the rest of their schedule (OU). I still remember this team being a bounce away from upsetting Nebraska years ago. Looking at the way Nebraska's been playing, Missouri could finally avenge that loss this year. Imagine, a berth in the Big XII title game for Missouri?

12. Boise and Rutgers. You both won. You stay. Don't choke. Memo to Boise. You have no business in the BCS. You play on blue turf and wear silly uniforms. Also, you play no one. We'll see how long they stick around. Second memo to both teams: I am open to being proved wrong.

13. TCU, Purdue, Wisconsin: Bye Bye.

There you have it. Let me know...


At 10:34 AM, Anonymous Ben said...

God I hate mid majors who feel any sense of entitlement.

Boise St. is a joke, in more ways than I can count.

At 2:36 PM, Anonymous Matt said...

Just out of curiosity, what makes Wisconsin drop out? I tried to watch the game against Indiana, but I sneezed and by the time I opened my eyes it was 28-0.

Another question is, are your rankings done by who you think would win head-to-head on a neutral field? Becuase it's hard to imagine either Rutgers or Wake Forest beating FSU or Iowa on a neutral field. Not that either of those teams is that good, I'm just saying that I think the new kids on the block would blink first in a game against a big-time program.

Sorry to be nit-picky. But I'm just wondering.

At 2:47 PM, Blogger Maize n Brew Dave said...

The rankings are based head to head. However, schedules and records are also determining factors.

Would Rutgers or Wake beat FSU more than 50% of the time? Definitely possible after the horrid showing FSU had against Troy.

Wisconsin to me is a one deminsional Big Ten team that benefits greatly by having a schedule made out of charmin. I dropped them and Purdue out because I felt this week the above were more deserving. Plus, head to head, I don't see them beating the teams ahead of them consistently. It's 50/50 how they'd fare based on the games I've seen of both rutgers and uw. The loss is the tie breaker. FSU and Iowa were considerations for the boot too, but overall talent kept them in.

In reality there's not a lot separating UW from the bottom 5 of the top 25. UW could just as easily jump back in if teams like BSU or RU lose. But, when I'm guessing the W/L would be 50/50 straight up, I give the benefit of the doubt to the team w/o a loss.

At 7:43 PM, Anonymous Matt said...

Okay, cool. Thanks for the clarification.


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