Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Maize n Ballot: Week 6

For the record, Minnesota got hosed. But thems the breaks in college football. One minute you think you've won the game of a lifetime, the next Nebraska catches a kicked ball to ruin your season. It ain't fair, but then again, neither is life.

Speaking of not fair, it's Ballot Time!

1Ohio State--
2Florida 3
3Michigan 1
4Southern Cal 2
5Louisville 1
6Tennessee 6
7California 3
8Texas 3
9West Virginia 1
10Notre Dame 3
11Georgia Tech 4
12Clemson 5
13Arkansas 13
14Oregon 7
15Iowa 9
16Auburn 13
17Missouri 2
18Virginia Tech--
19Georgia 5
20Wisconsin 6
22Oklahoma 6
23Nebraska 3
24LSU 15
25Boston College 1

Dropped Out: Wake Forest (#20), Washington (#22), Florida State (#23), Boise State (#25).

Yes. Shiney objects are a constant distraction to me.

1. Ohio State is still the best team in the country, but Florida is a close second. Orson and Stranko want to make sweet man-love to Tebow. I honestly thought LSU was a good team heading into the game. The Gators are either insanely better than I thought or LSU is insanely worse. Based on whuppin' handed down, I gotta go with the former with a helping hand from the latter (more on this in a minute). Florida is good. Damn good. Good enough to get from Atlanta to Texarkanas and back in 28 hours loaded down with cold Coors beer. As Bandit, Frog and Cledus were west bound and down, Arizona is too. Just food for thought.

2. Michigan gets leap frogged by Florida. However the Maize and Blue jump USC for 3rd on the Poll after dismantling MSU. This matched with USC's third straight lackluster performance means Michigan moves into the No.3 slot. I am concerned about Mannigham's injury, but as long as the Hemi that powers the Michigan offense (aka: Mike Hart) is still around Michigan stays near the top.

3. Louisville moves up one with Auburn's bed wetting.

4. Tennesse, Cal, and Texas all had convincing wins. These three spots are interchangeable. My reasons for ranking them this way are thus: Tennessee had the biggest win over a conference opponent that was as yet unbeaten. Though Cal did the same thing, I just think Tennessee is a better team and head-to-head Tennessee proved that earlier. Texas still gets punished for an embarassment of a schedule. though they took it to OU (who greatly disappointed me, btw) they haven't show me enough yet to move back into the front couple of rows of teams.

5. West Virginia. You still here? Go away. Please.

6. Domers. Everywhere. Trophies of great importance are to be handed out to Notre Dame regardless of the creamy soft underbelly of a schedule they currently inhabit. Still, since their shellacking by Michigan and the first 3 quarters in East Lansing this has been a different team. They are playing much better and Quinn is picking apart the teams he should pick apart. I don't think they've got the horses to gallop away from USC with a win, but if they keep playing this way I may change my mind.

7. Georgia Tech. My man crush on Calvin Johnson continues to grow.

8. Arkansas and Clemson. Um... Phil Steele was right.

9. Iowa rebounded quite nicely this weekend. Now with two week to prepare for the season defining/ruining game against Michigan, Ann Arborites are getting a tad bit nervous. They'll show absolutely nothing against Indiana this weekend and come into Michigan with a bag full of new plays. Gonna be a cat fight.

10. Auburn, Oklahoma, LSU and Georgia, no soup for you. Georgia wasn't that good, even as an undefeated. No offense great defense. Then they finally get some scoring and their defense of awesomeness turns into a dandelion patch upon which Tennessee was free to stomp on. Auburn got torched on the ground. Please remember this was a Arkansas team that was gutted, sent to a taxidermist, stuffed and mounted by USC. No offense, no legit defense. Seems like LSU was a bit more of a fraud than I thought.

11. Quack Quack Croak. Attention Oregon: Your ass was left at lost and found. Please see the representative from the University of California to claim it.

12. Wisconsin. Welcome back. Your schedule is still a joke.

Let me know what you think.


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