Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Maize n Ballot: Week 7

Ballot Time. Feel free to tell me how 1) wrong, 2) stupid, 3) insanely brilliant I am.

1Ohio State--
2Michigan 1
3Southern Cal 1
4Louisville 1
5Tennessee 1
6California 1
7Auburn 9
9Florida 7
10West Virginia 1
11Notre Dame 1
12Georgia Tech 1
13Clemson 1
14Arkansas 1
15Wisconsin 5
16Oregon 2
17Boston College 8
18LSU 6
19Nebraska 4
20Rutgers 1
21Boise State 5
23Pittsburgh 3
24Texas A&M 2
25Missouri 8

Dropped Out: Iowa (#15), Virginia Tech (#18), Georgia (#19).

1. Florida drops to #9. They lose a game they probably should've won. Chris Leak proved he can't handle pressure and seriously undermined what the Florida offense can do the rest of the way. From here out Florida will see nothing but blitzes and angry men chasing after Leak. This is not good.

2. Michigan. Um. They're good. Alan Branch wants your lunch money. Give it to him.

3. Auburn jumps back to 7. Good game. Won one they should've lost. It counts more when it's the #2 team in the country and you scare the bejeezus out of a good QB like Leak into a performance like that. They finally played the way everyone thought they were capable of playing. That's bad news for the rest of the SEC.

4. Speaking of which, what the hell am I supposed to do with Arkansas? I want to rank them higher but they're resume, save Auburn, is weak. Help!

5. Wisconsin and Boston College: Your table is ready. I still maintain that Wisconsin's record is more a reflection of their schedule, but you have to win regardless of who you play (i.e., FSU and Miami). They are just dominating teams, so I'll give them some props. BC, sheesh, you make a PAT and you're undefeated with a legit shot at the BCS. Didn't see that one coming. Still they have to win out. They do that, their Maize n Brew Cheese Plate (tm) will be in the mail.

6. OSU. A machine. Cold. Heartless. Killers. They look like they're on autopilot. Half asleep they could beat any team below the top 10 in a walk. Simply astonishing. Behold the power of the sweatervest.

7. Iowa, Virginia Tech, and Georgia. Be gone! You've wasted far too much of our time and energy.


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